Boyle girls win relay, head to the prom

May 09, 2004|LARRY VAUGHT

Time meant a lot to the Boyle County girls 3,200-meter relay team Saturday.

The foursome of Kelly Jameson, Lindsey Boitnott, Sarah Lammy and Kathryn Bayless hoped to set a new school record, a goal they missed by less than three seconds. Instead, they settled for establishing a new meet record with a first-place finish of 10 minutes, 16.6 seconds in the E.G. Plummer Invitational at Admiral Stadium.

However, that wasn't the only time that mattered. Jameson, Lammy and Bayless all had to leave the meet early to make sure they were on time for hair appointments before Boyle's prom Saturday night.

"My first thought when I woke up today was about track, but you also think about prom," said Jameson, a sophomore and the leadoff runner on the relay. "But we were excited to run. We don't want to let each other down."


"I think I would rather come run than anything. This race is a big deal," said Lammy, a junior who took Boyle from third to first on the next-to-last leg of the relay.

Fortunately for them, Boyle coach Dave Garrett also understands why the prom is also a "big deal" for them.

"We just try to cope and understand that they are high school kids and the prom is important to them," Garrett said. "They are not just runners.

"We don't really talk about the prom except for who has to leave early. We don't want to give them any more stress. I don't want them to miss the prom. I just hate that it cramps our style in a meet named for one of the coolest track coaches there ever was. We try to tell our kids about Mr. Plummer's track and coaching history, but you just have to realize on prom day that kids are going to need to leave early, especially the girls."

Garrett said little things on prom day become much more important.

"Hair appointments are a problem for the girls. About every girl going to the prom wants to get her hair done. You have to realize that when a runner tells you they are leaving because of a hair appointment," said Garrett, whose own head is shaved.

Boitnott, a freshman, stayed for the whole meet only because of a late change in plans.

"I was going to the prom, too, but now I'm not, and I'm fine with that," Boitnott said.

She only joined the track team this year because girls soccer coach Brian Deem asked his players to try track after Garrett volunteered to run the soccer team's winter workouts.

"I just stayed on the team because I like it," Boitnott said.

"We got a lot of new girls that way and it has helped our team," said Bayless, who recently signed to run cross country and track at Division II Bellarmine College.

Bayless easily maintained the lead

Bayless, who easily maintained Boyle's lead with a closing 800-meter run of 2:29, didn't leave the meet quite as early as Jameson and Lammy did.

"As long as I can get my hair done and get a shower so I am not so sweaty and gross and then still go eat, I'm fine," Bayless said.

That type attitude is why Garrett thinks his team not only will break the school record, but could also challenge for a Class AA state title.

"They are all tough. They've got guts and are willing to push through the pain. They also all try their best for each other," Garrett said. "Kelly is always talking about wanting me to push them more and not just cheer for them because that doesn't make them better.

"They are a fun group because they run with so much heart, which is what it takes to win championships."

Garrett says it's just a coincidence that the four runners are all different ages. Jameson, Lammy and Bayless were friends before, and Boitnott certainly had plenty of time to bond with the others during training runs that can be as long as five or six miles.

They are convinced they haven't run their best time yet

All four are convinced they still have not run their best time and that they can win the state title.

"It's an attainable goal," Jameson said. "We can all take a second off our time and get faster."

"Our handoffs are the one thing where we can really pick up time," Boitnott said.

"We work on the handoffs all the time," Bayless said. "Little things like that can determine who wins or sets records."

On Saturday, though, preparation time for the prom was almost as important as the winning time. The three runners said their mothers took care of making the appointments, and Lammy was glad a last-minute change allowed her to run Saturday.

"We always have a conflict with prom during track, but at least it is nice that it always falls on the same day as this meet in town," Lammy said. "That makes it a little easier to at least get to the meet and still get to prom."

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