Boyle Health Department releases food-service inspections

May 10, 2004

Protecting the health and safety of all who eat at Boyle County's food-service establishments is a top priority of the Boyle County Health Department.

The health department routinely provides food safety training for the county's restaurant personnel, in addition to conducting at least two unannounced inspections each year.

Key items of concern during inspections include employee practices and cleanliness, food protection during storage and preparation, cleaning and sanitizing of equipment and utensils, insect and rodent control, and the storage and use of toxic materials.

A perfect inspection score is 100; points are subtracted when department guidelines are not met. In general, the lower the score, the lower the level of sanitation; however, a low score does not necessarily imply an imminent health risk.


Many facilities are combination food-service/retail markets and receive two scores. The first is for the deli (food-service), and the second is for the remainder of the store.

Here's what the scores mean: A rating of 85 or above with no critical items indicates a passing inspection.

Scores of 70 to 84 with no critical items require re-inspection within 30 days or less. Facilities that do not correct sanitation problems during the allotted time face possible permit suspension.

Establishments that score between 60 and 69 are issued a "Notice of Intent to Suspend Permit,'' and are afforded the opportunity for an administrative hearing to show cause as to why the facility's permit should not be suspended. State law requires closure of any establishment with rating of 59 or less.

An establishment also must cease operation if conditions exist which pose an immediate public health threat.

Any establishment whose permit has been suspended can apply for a re-inspection for the purpose of permit reinstatement. If the re-inspection reveals that the conditions causing suspension of the permit have been corrected, the permit will be reinstated.

There are 13 critical items on the health department inspection form. Regardless of the rating score, these potentially serious deficiencies must be corrected within a time specified by the health department, but in any event, not to exceed 10 days.

Serious deficiencies are noted by an asterisk after the establishment's score.

Regular inspections

Ace Billiards, West Main Street, 96.

Applebee's, Skywatch Drive, 92.

Arby's, Hustonville Road, 99.

Centre Grill at the Warehouse, West Walnut Street, 96.

Danville High School, Lexington Avenue, 98.

Edna Toliver Elementary School, Maple Avenue, 97.

Fazoli's, Hustonville Road, 63.* Sliced cheese and sausage not being kept at the required cold holding temperature at make station cooler. Numerous utensils and food containers soiled/not sanitized, stored as clean. Outside building not insect/rodent proof, door at bottom not closing. Evidence of rodent activity; droppings observed at drive through area cabinets. Chemical spray bottle (Pledge wood cleaner) stored lying on single service cups and lids.

Finley's Roller Rink, Danville Bypass, 93.* Evidence of rodent activity; droppings observed in cabinet under drain board of three-compartment sink and at front counter cabinets.

Hardee's/BP, Junction City, 96, 100.

Jennie Rogers Elementary School, East Main Street, 95.

Mary G. Hogsett Elementary School, Waveland Avenue, 98.

Northpoint Inmate Kitchen, Burgin Road, 88.* Milk dispenser nozzle tubes not cut at slant and less than one inch.

Old Bridge Golf Club, Old Bridge Road, 97.

Pasick's Bed & Breakfast, Lexington Avenue, 100.

Perryville Elementary School, Perryville, 100.

Shelby's Leaming Center, South Fourth Street, 99.

Subway, North Fourth Street, 97.

Opening inspections

Long John Silvers/A&W, Danville Manor, 96.

Follow-up inspections

Fazoli's, 77.* Sliced lunchmeat and cheese, not being kept at the required cold holding temperature at make station cooler. Numerous food containers stored as clean, soiled/not sanitized. Evidence of rodent activity; rodent droppings observed at drive-through area cabinets.

Finley's Roller Rink, 96.* Evidence of rodent activity; droppings observed in cabinets under three-compartment sink and between fountain drink machine and cotton candy machine.

Northpoint Training Center, 93.

Additional follow-up inspections

Fazoll's, 99.

Finley's, 100.

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