Yard sale will turn college trash into cash for charity

May 10, 2004

Hope Springs is a new organization in Danville and Boyle County that seeks to assist local persons who have multiple sclerosis. On May 28, the group will hold its first annual Hope Springs Yard Sale.

Through an innovative agreement with Centre College, the sale will feature any items abandoned in the dorms by Centre students at the end of the year (furniture, rugs, stereos, etc.). Local citizens also are donating items to the sale.

The Presbyterian Church in Danville has agreed to host the sale in its gym from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The Hope Springs organization expects to have a wide range of home furnishings, kitchen items, books, tapes and collectibles.

Proceeds from the sale will be used primarily to help local MS victims cover the cost of water therapy classes. A portion will be donated to the national MS organization, which funds research toward a cure.


Multiple sclerosis is a disease that causes the body's immune system to go awry, resulting in inflammation and damage to the central nervous system. Doctors do not yet know the cause for MS, and, even more confusing, people who are affected may have widely varying symptoms.

Some may experience fatigue and blurry vision, while others experience loss of balance and coordination. A case may be so mild that the patient appears to be completely healthy or so severe that the person loses the use of his legs and arms.

MS typically affects young men and women in the prime of live, and many spouses and children put forth a huge effort to continue living a normal life at home. Many therapies useful to MS patients are not covered by insurance because the therapies are of long-term nature.

The Hope Springs organization was formed by a group of men and women who have learned about MS through their friendship with Susan Dickinson, a Danville resident who has MS. Members of the Hope Springs steering committee are Clay Smith, Kay Smith, Carolyn Crow, Mort Hoagland, Ed Delp and Patsi Trollinger.

Persons willing to assist with the Hope Springs yard sale may contact Trollinger at (859) 236-0135 afternoons and evenings.

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