Area tennis players lose in Region

May 10, 2004

BEREA - Area tennis players finally ran out of wins Sunday at the Girls 9th Region Tournament.

Harrodsburg's Brooke Shepperson, the No. 4 singles seed, and Boyle County's Jennifer Gander and Meredith McCann, the No. 2 doubles seed, lost in the semifinals.

Gander and McCann fell 2-6, 1-6 to Arnold and Foster of Pulaski Southwestern, the No. 4 seeds.

"They played a lot better than they did in regular season. I beat them then," Gander said. "They played a lot better today. We just were not moving. I think we were both tired from the matches (earlier in the region) as well as prom (Saturday night).

"I knew walking on the court it was going to be a harder match than we played before against them, but I thought we could pull it off. Even after we lost the first set, I still thought we could do it. We have a bad habit of getting down and then turning around and winning match. But today we just did not have the energy or focus to do that. We didn't do as well as we hoped, but we still made it farther than a lot of girls and that's something to be proud of."


Shepperson lost 2-6, 1-6 to McCreary Central's Lynn Mueller, a foreign exchange student from Germany who was seeded No. 1.

"She just hits everything back. She makes you stay focused, and Brooke just couldn't do that today," Harrodsburg coach Duane Dunagan said.

"Brooke played really well Saturday, but she didn't play as well as she was capable of today. The girl she was playing just had a style of play that didn't suit Brooke's game very well. She still had a good tournament, but today was not her best day."

Pulaski won its first regional team title while Boyle finished third.

"Overall, we had a good season," Gander said. "We had a lot of new players and played really well most of the season. Unfortunately, it just didn't quite end the way we wanted."

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