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May 11, 2004

Natural Resources Conservation Service

The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service is accepting applications from qualified landowners for enrollment in the Wetland Reserve Program. Property owners can enroll their land under a 30-year or permanent easement for a lump sum, up front easement payment and have USDA pay up to 100 percent of the wetland restoration costs. See your local district conservationist to determine if your land might qualify.

Mercer County Conservation District

Mercer County Conservation District is giving away an annual wildlife food plot mixture on a first come, first served basis until the supply is exhausted. The mixture will consist of sunflowers, corn, grain sorghum, and millet. The mixture will be available in five pound bags to do half an acre. To pick up the mix, stop by the office at 227 Morris Drive in Harrodsburg or call (859) 734-6889 for more information.

Farm Service Agency

Relief for 2003 tobacco undermarketing sales have been granted if the following provisions are met. Each case must be documented on form FSA-321 which must be signed by July 15. Producers must provide evidence that they adjusted their plantings for 2004 or took other action based on information previously disseminated. This would include receipts for fertilizer, chemicals and plants.


Producers also must file a crop report and indicate fields that will be harvested and marketed before the Sept. 30 deadline. The acreage will require a spot check. A designation form (FSA 808) must be filed giving the market location and pounds to be marketed.

Producers' 2003 marketing card will be issued under relief provisions, but sales will be limited to only the quota pounds reduced under the reduction rule. This tobacco will not be eligible for "price support", and once tobacco is sold the producer must return the 2003 marketing card with sale bills and proof of AMS grade (TB-85).

* Soybean producers will be allowed to vote until May 28 to determine whether to continue the Soybean Promotion and Research Order, more commonly known as the Soybean Check-off Program.

Soybean producers are encouraged to vote in the referendum at the local Farm Service Agency office at 3998 S. Danville Bypass, Suite 101B, or producers may request the referendum form (LS-51-1) through the Internet at

Any questions may be directed to (859) 236-4062, ext. 2.

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