Skatepark would increase traffic problems

May 11, 2004

Dear Editor:

Many strong arguments have been made for the need for our young people to have a skatepark. I do not think you will find many people who would object to the skatepark. I do think you will find a number of people that object to the proposed location of such a park.

Residents in the area of Jackson Park object to the skatepark being located here for a number of reasons. The main objection is the traffic and the manner in which people drive on Crosshill Road. For most, there is no such thing as a speed limit. Speeds of 35 and 40 miles an hour are not uncommon on this street. Respect for private property means nothing to many people. They would much rather drive through someone's yard than to slow down for oncoming traffic. A number of years ago, our son was playing in the yard with his dog, when the dog was hit by a car and killed. The dog was 5 feet away from the road. The driver did not even stop.


We lived in fear of our children's safety for years. Now many of us on the street live in fear for the safety of our grandchildren. While people like Betty Parker must put up with the lack of respect for the neighboring residents, people on Crosshill Road must live with the noise from the vehicles, unsafe driving, and the disrespect from many driving to and from the park.

The ideal location for such a park would be out in Millennium Park. I am sure that enough land could be located there to construct the park. Since the park has its own entrance off Perryville road, there would not be added traffic to a narrow residential street.

I also do not believe that the skatepark should be built only by the city. I am fairly certain that many will come from the county and areas around Danville. The skatepark could be made a joint venture of the city and county, and thus reduce the cost on both and be in a much more desirable and enjoyable location.

I am sure that I speak for a number of the neighbors on Crosshill Road when I invite any and all members of the city commission and fiscal court to come out and spend an evening or a Saturday when there is an activity going on in Jackson Park And see firsthand exactly what we put up with. After that, they could ask themselves if they would want the same in there residential area.

As I said in the beginning, there are many good arguments for building a skatepark. We only request that a more suitable location , such as Millennium Park, be considered.

Ted Dangelmaier


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