Community agencies facing cuts from local government

May 12, 2004|LIZ MAPLES

Community agencies partly funded by the city and county do things that local government can't afford to do on its own. Each year, the amount of these agency requests grows, and this year, both the county and city have said that there just isn't enough money to fund them all.

Boyle County Judge-Executive Tony Wilder has already suggested that magistrates cut in half the funding the agencies received last year.

City Commissioners have heard the requests, but made no decision. However, city staff has suggested cuts of $100,000. Commissioners will meet at 8 a.m. Tuesday to talk about those requests.

The county asks for the agencies to prepare a budget specifically for county funds. In the past, the city has asked for the same thing in a cover letter, but didn't this year. Regardless, the city rarely receives such information from the agencies. The county requires it.

Both also, as a matter of policy, ask the agencies to send an accounting of how the public money was spent. The county won't fund an organization until it has turned in such an accounting. Last year the city didn't have the information. For the 2002 -2003 budget year, the city had forms, but there were many gaps in information. Two weeks ago, the Advocate-Messenger reviewed the city records and asked city staff to fill in the gaps. City Manager Darrell Blenniss had not responded to that request by press time.


There were small discrepancies in the county's accounting, but they were fixed by county staff the same day that it was brought to their attention.

Blenniss said that as he settles into his job, he will look at the city's policy and see if it needs changes.

Here is how organizations reported they spent public money in 2002 -2003:

Airport Board - $16,000 from the county. Counted towards these expenses: administrative expenses, $6,845.22; building maintenance, $805.75; fuel related maintenance, $2,382.11; grounds maintenance, $5,834.72 and insurance, $5,136.

City, $16,000. No specific accounting of city funds included.

Arts Commission - $4,000 from the county. Preparation and distribution of quarterly calendar of arts events, $2,347.52 and Arts in Millennium Park, $1,978.40.

Boyle County Community Development Council - $6,000 from the county. Commercial recruitment development, $200; office equipment, $540.50; office supplies, $875; maintenance fee, $1,908 and personnel, $2,476.50.

City, $10,000. Applied to operational costs. No detailed accounting of money provided.

Boyle County Comprehensive Care - $5,000 from the county. Helped pay salaries and benefits for employees.

Boyle County Conservation District - $19,700 from the county. Education for county and city schools, $5,647; county cost share program, $7,901.01; office supplies, $1,069.80 and personnel, $5,081.73.

Boyle County Fair Board -$10,000 from the county. Construction of a show barn and exposition building that cost $9,975. The balance, $25, was carried over.

Brass Band Festival - $10,000 from the county. Performers fees, $5,000 and stage rental, $5,000.

City, $25,000. Performer fees $10,000; production expenses, $10,000 and promotional expenses, $5,000.

Central Kentucky Wildlife Refuge - $1,500 from the county. Cheek Education Center technology upgrades and parking lot completion.

City, $1,500. Cheek education center technology upgrades and parking lot completion.

Citizens Concerned for Human Relations - $500 from the county. Deaf interpreters, $200; Lexington Children's dance group, $50; play musician, $100 and choir accompaniment, $150.

City, $500. Heritage Festival expenses: sound system, $200; food for play reception, $50; children's drum choir, $50 and festival photography, $200.

Civil Air Patrol - $3,000 from the county. Building maintenance, $156.47; long distance, $173.25; electricity, $734.95; gas, $830.65; telephone, $584.52; water, $352.42; and $167.74 carry over.

City, $3,000. Office supplies, $556.40; postage, $100; hangar rental, $1,080; publications, $203.70; Internet services, $119.88; printer and scanner purchase, $662.08 and headset repair, $115.05. Total is $2,837.11. No record of what was done with the balance of the money.

Community Action Agency - $4,500 from the county. Given to Boyle County indigent for medication, housing, self-sufficiency and utility assistance.

Danville-Boyle County Chamber of Commerce - Not funded by county.

City, $3,000. Used for relocation packets, the city money was applied to the $3,309 total cost of the project. Postage, $1,500; envelopes, $73; paper, $26; labels, $75; maps, $375 and labor, $1,260.

Danville-Boyle County Historical Society - $500 from the county. Paid part of museum salaries.

City, $500. Applied to the cost of museum salaries and expenses, $1,520; utilities and pest control, $813; insurance, $187; payroll taxes and FICA, $328 and miscellaneous expenses such as printing and postage, $195. Total expenses detailed, $3,043. No specific information about how the city money was spent.

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