Danville: City staff recommends cuts of $300,000

May 12, 2004|LIZ MAPLES

There will be five more police cruisers, but Millennium Park and design for a city hall and police station complex will have to wait.

Danville City Commissioners started their Tuesday budget workshop with $316,545 more in requests than there is money. They had $496,755 to spend and $813,300 worth of requests. They spent the better part of an hour deciding what to keep and what to cut.

By straw poll, commissioners decided to draw up plans to convert the fire station on Hustonville Road to house 911 dispatchers, and to expand the public works garage. When a fire station on the bypass is built communications will move to the Hustonville Road building.

Commissioners cut $120,000 from the Millennium Park budget, leaving $40,000 to go toward an amphitheater. Mayor John W.D. Bowling and Commissioner Terry Crowley said they couldn't see spending money on the park in such a tight budget year.


Department heads were asked one-by-one to cut their requests. Here's what they ended up with:

* Police department: five cruisers, a drug-sniffing dog and 10 laptops. The laptops will be given to commanders. Because the department didn't receive a police officer position it requested, the laptops will allow commanders to do paperwork while in the field, Chief Jeff Peek said.

* Fire department: repairs to a leaky roof, a thermal imaging camera and equipment for its rapid intervention team that goes inside burning structures to rescue trapped or lost firefighters.

* Communications: a voice recorder upgrade and police department radio systems upgrade. There are places in the city where the signal is so weak that dispatchers and police officers can't talk to each other.

* Public service: Millennium Park will receive $40,000. There was a $60,000 carryover, but that was trimmed down to buy equipment for other departments.

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