Lincoln ordinance addresses CB radio complaints

May 12, 2004|EMILY BURTON

STANFORD - Fans of CB radio attended Tuesday's Lincoln County Fiscal Court meeting, listening as magistrates passed second reading of an ordinance pertaining to the use of CB radios by county residents.

The ordinance states only that if a complaint is received about a CB will the county take action against that particular operator.

It stems from a parent's complaint that a television set was picking up CB chatter, broadcasting vulgar language around a young child even when the TV was turned off, said county treasurer Teresa Padgett.

"We've had quite a few complaints about one person. But that's not the first complaint we've had about it," said Judge-Executive Buckwheat Gilbert.


The new ordinance will help the county deal with such CB interference after Congress passed a law in 1998 allowing it to be called a nuisance.

The county's ordinance states that "any use of citizens band radio equipment that interferes with another's use of television, telephone, cell phone, home appliance and/or radio equipment shall be considered a public nuisance," when operating equipment not authorized by the FCC or on unauthorized frequencies between 24 MHz and 35 MHz. Any FCC-licensed stations are exempt from the new law.

"A lot of (attendees) were there because they had heard rumors that the county was going to come in and take away their CB radios," said Padgett. This is not the case, added Padgett.

"They were content, most of them want to get along with their neighbors anyway," said Gilbert.

Any complaints against CB operators will be handled by the Nuisance Abatement Board on a case-by-case basis.

"We're just trying to solve some local problems between neighbors," said Gilbert.

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