Danville teacher represents state at national celebration

May 14, 2004

The 2004 Kentucky Department of Education Teacher of the Year, Patti Rowland, of Danville, recently visited Washington, D.C., and the White House to celebrate with all of the nation's teachers of the year.

Rowland represented Kentucky as she carried state education issues straight to the Oval Office where she was able to speak with President and Mrs. Bush.

"It was unbelievably exciting!" Rowland said of the experience. "They both have such a genuine appreciation for the job that teachers do and for the importance of education, and they made such an effort to make every teacher there feel special."

After visiting the Oval Office, Rowland was honored during a ceremony in the Rose Garden recognizing some of the nation's most accomplished teachers.


The celebration was attended by each state's teacher of the year, congressmen, senators, and the Secretary of the Department of Education among others.

The President and First Lady spoke about the importance of the job teachers do every day and how they influence our nation's children.

In his speech, President Bush challenged Americans with the following words: "If you're interested in being a responsible citizen, and you're worried about the quality of the education in the community in which you live, do something about it. Support your schools. Support your teachers. Make a difference. As opposed to sitting on the outside complaining, get involved, help people search for excellence."

Rowland couldn't agree more. "Teachers have always needed the support of the families of the students they teach Today more than ever, with tighter accountability standards, we need to work together in our attempt to educate the whole child and to meet each student's individual needs."

Rowland is the curriculum technology resource teacher at Hogsett Elementary School.


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