Abu Ghraib prompts more liberal name-calling

May 14, 2004

Dear Editor:

Once again, it appears as if we are treated to yet another round of liberal slander - this time, directed against the American military establishment and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Danville resident James Hoover believes that the war in Iraq was an ill-fated venture and he's entitled to that view. However, to call the military an establishment run by "fascist and racist ideologies" crosses the line.

Mr. Hoover offers no evidence to back up his claims that this perversion exists within the American military and offers no evidence that "hatred of Islam is now instilled in American soldiers." So are we just to take his word for it that these statements are true? If, as Mr. Hoover claims, this fascism came into the military in the 1980s and caused trouble, the evidence is against it. After all, look at the victories: Cold War, Iraq (twice), Afghanistan (twice), Haiti, Bosnia, and Kosovo.


Instead of using the atrocities committed at Abu Ghraib Prison against Donald Rumsfeld, who Mr. Hoover calls an "arch-imperialist, arch-racist, and arch-idiot" (once again without proof), we need to take this slowly to make sure all of our facts are straight before going after a man the American media hasn't liked from day one.

Furthermore, the military doesn't need a "purge" - a rather dictatorial choice of words by the way for such a democratic letter - because it has served America well for generations and will continue to do so in the future.

Mr. Hoover tragically has fallen to using the techniques of his liberal, Democratic brethren by slandering conservatives and those he opposes while offering no proof to back up his words. Unfortunately, he believes that all of us have a responsibility to "restore reasonable, responsible government" but wouldn't that mean putting someone like Bill Clinton back in office? That thought makes me shudder because we know how responsible he was in the Oval Office and in combating terrorism worldwide.

I simply ask that you vote your conscience this November but please be weary of special interest arguments that are substantiated by assertion and not substantiated by the facts.

Logan Scisco


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