Skatepark issue about economics and safety

May 18, 2004

Dear Editor:

After reading all of the articles about the skatepark and living on the street leading to the park for 35 years, it seems to me that it is about economics and safety.

I am in favor of our youth having a place to enjoy their sport. Build a safe, quality facility. The surface on the two tennis courts that are being considered for the skate park is in terrible condition. It does not seem to be cement, which is needed as a base for the equipment. The nets have not been maintained for several years so the courts could not be used to play tennis. A week ago the net posts were cut down and the nets completely removed.

Does that mean the decision has already been made to put the skatepark equipment there?

In an article dated June 3, 1993, the residents of Streamland subdivision were up in arms at the thought that a new park might be accessed through their subdivision. No residential area wants added traffic to their neighborhood.


I challenge the community, park board, and city commissioners-elect, to come and walk the walk to Jackson Park from Maple Avenue where the sidewalk ends, down Crosshill Road to the park. The children in Caldwell Manor have to be bused to Toliver School because of the safety issue. There are no sidewalks.

Then, ride out to Millennium Park with the beautiful facilities, a wide, divided boulevard for cars, a new sidewalk leading from town across the viaduct to the park, many paved parking areas, clean restrooms, beautifully landscaped play and picnic areas, and soccer and ballfields.

Give our children that love to skate a safe beautiful area like we have the other sports, not a Band-Aid approach to the situation.

Joanne Bootes


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