Danville slashes funding to several agencies

May 19, 2004|LIZ MAPLES

The cuts to community agencies were swift Tuesday, leaving some agencies with nothing and others with a fraction of the amount requested.

It was suggested by commissioners that some agencies, such as Danville-Boyle County Planning and Zoning, raise fees to make up the gap.

Brenda Willoughby, manager of Constitution Square, said she would have to raise booth fees at the fall festival after funding was cut from $3,750 to $3,000.

"Even for candidates," she said, lightening the mood in a meeting that at times became tense as commissioners hashed out their differences.


It was a different story than when the agencies came before commissioners in late April. They didn't fund a Military Appreciation Day, even though the commissioners applauded Police Chief Jeff Peek's speech about how it was an appropriate way to thank veterans. The group had asked for $500.

They also cut funding for a spouse abuse center to $500. It had been cut from $10,000 to $3,000 in 2003- 2004. In April, commissioners heard emotional speeches from women who had escaped their abusers with help from the Danville center.

Commissioner Terry Crowley said Tuesday that he believed several organizations shouldn't be funded with taxpayer money, even though they had good missions, such as afterschool programs and the nursing home ombudsman.

Mayor John W.D. Bowling and commissioners Chester Kavanaugh and Ryan Owens rarely budged from their first suggestions. Commissioners didn't vote, deciding instead to try to decide by consensus.

The amounts won't be final until the budget is passed by July 1.

The Commission had more than $600,000 in requests, and $383,000 to divvy up among the agencies and organizations.

Here's the breakdown

Here are the agencies and the amount commissioners tentatively agreed to fund:

* Airport Board, $14,000, a $2,000 cut from the 2003-2004 year.

* Bridges afterschool program, $0, wasn't funded last year.

* Chamber of Commerce, $0, wasn't funded last year. .

* Civil Air Patrol, $2,000, a cut of $1,000.

* Community Development Council, $13,000, a cut of $2,000.

* Community Education, $3,000, a cut of $5,000.

* Community Wide Diversity, $0, wasn't funded last year.

* Conservation District, $0, wasn't funded last year.

* Constitution Square, $3,000, a cut of $750.

* Court Appointed Special Advocate, $0, wasn't funded last year.

* Danville-Boyle County Fair, $0, wasn't funded last year.

* Family Services, $9,000, a cut of $1,500.

* Great American Brass Band Festival, $30,000, a cut of $5,000.

* Heart of Danville, $5,000, a cut of $40,000.

* Heritage Festival, $500, no cut.

* Historical Society, $0, received $500 last year.

* Human Rights Committee, $0, received $450 last year.

* Humane Society, $0, received $3,050 last year.

* Literacy Council, $2,000, a cut of $4,000.

* Military Appreciation Day, $0, wasn't funded last year.

* Nursing Home Ombudsman, $0, received $3,500 last year.

* Seniors, $53,000, a cut of $2,000.

* West T. Hill, $0, received $3,500 last year.

* Wilderness Trace Child Development, $18,000, a cut of $2,000.

* YMCA, $0, received $1,000 last year.

* YWCA Spouse Abuse Center, $500, a cut of $2,500.

* Parks and Recreation, $190,000, a cut of $15,000.

* Planning and Zoning, $40,000, a cut of $3,000.

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