Trash pickup charge for Danville businesses would pay for raises

May 19, 2004|LIZ MAPLES

Mayor John W.D. Bowling found a way to give city employees merit pay raises - charge businesses for trash collection.

Some have their trash picked up daily and others once a week. City Manager Darrell Blenniss said Tuesday at a special meeting that he believes the city could collect $40,000 -$45,000 for the service.

Commissioner Terry Crowley said it would be hard to give raises to city employees, who have hefty benefit packages, when many taxpayers haven't received raises in years. Employees have paid health insurance and 11 paid vacation days, among other benefits.

The merit raises would average $350 per employee, $42,000 total. Blenniss said each employee would be evaluated, and then the amount of the raise assigned.


Blenniss readjusted his original estimate, realizing that the city could charge around $50 for business pickup. It was also suggested that businesses contract for pickup, and the city just take the money out of its contract with M&M Sanitation.

Commissioner Jamey Gay said he wanted more information on the suggestion.

Blenniss said that because some businesses already get pickup services and some do not, it became an issue of equity.

Most businesses "traditionally" are not charged for pickup. There is nothing specific in the contract to tell which businesses are included, and which aren't. However, it appears that if the garbage truck already passes by a business in the city limits then that business' trash is picked up.

Commissioner Chester Kavanaugh said to charge businesses was "one way to be fair and balanced."

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