Not funding Heart of Danville a blunder

May 20, 2004

Dear Editor:

Although I do not normally attend Danville City Commission meetings, I attended the budget meeting Wednesday. At this meeting the mayor and Commissioners Owens and Kavanaugh proposed cutting the Heart of Danville budget from $45,000 for the current year to $5,000 for next year. Their argument was that city hall could apply for the grants. Heart of Danville has been very successful in obtaining state and federal grants for our community, which include the parking structure, streetscape improvement, downtown building facades and more. I would question city hall's ability to do this as well as Heart of Danville, whose function is to be an advocate for Danville.

Obtaining grants is just one of many functions of Heart of Danville in our community. They sponsor the following civic events:

* Front Porch Tour

* Antique and Garden Show

* Farmers Market

* Whimsey in Weisiger

* Classic Car Cruise In


* Military Parade (co-sponsor)

* Trick or Treat

* Christmas Parade

* Pictures with Santa

* Street Dance/Centre Expo

All are free to the public except for a small admission charge to the antique show.

I am empathetic with the city commission on the budget reduction that is necessary but to not fund an organization that has contributed so much to our community life with financial/grants, beautification, civic activities, new businesses is a blunder. Heart of Danville is the primary local organization which makes Danville "a nice little town." I urge other citizens to contact city hall and express your support for this essential organization.

Pat Liebschutz


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