Plan being discussed to build skatepark at Millennium Park

May 21, 2004|LIZ MAPLES

It's all about the compromise.

Danville's skatepark site might be moved 2,000 feet west, from Jackson Park to Millennium Park, and be ready to roll about mid-July.

But how? Didn't the city need another $40,000 for a concrete pad? It is a feat that in this budget year is like getting blood from a turnip.

The park planning committee and Commissioner Jamey Gay put their heads together.

Here's their plan: Take the $20,000 to be spent on improvements to Jackson Park this year and use it on concrete. Ask the county to use its two-person crew to lay the slab, cutting down labor costs. Have a third party come in and put a smooth finish on the pad.


It isn't a done deal, yet. But word about the plan got out at the dedication of the Panasonic softball field Thursday. County Judge-Executive Tony Wilder liked it. Gay liked it. The Parks and Recreation board voted unanimously in favor of it. Gay told Commissioner Chester Kavanaugh about it, and he liked it. The two shook hands.

The City Commission still has to vote on it.

The equipment is set to go out to bid soon. Skatepark activist Dillon Sirimongkhon and Gay worked up a sketch of the park, and picked out the pieces.

If all goes according to the new plan, then the skaters will be doing big spin kickflips, rock n' fakies and freestyle footwork before they know it.

And, for the record, Gay has promised to try out the park himself. It is doubtful that he'll be able to master even an old school trick by then, but he has said he will try to stay on the board.

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