'Selfish motives' halt Danville progress

May 23, 2004

Dear Editor,

As a taxpayer living in Danville, I feel compelled to watch the happenings concerning the local government. It is with intrigue that I watch the inner workings of our small town politics. In all of the towns that my wife and I have lived, none of them had local officials with seemingly selfish motives and the inability to lead that the mayor and the city commission have. Whether it is a major intersection decision, managing the budget or an activity for our children, behind it all seems to be a hidden motive.

Whatever happened to being elected to serve the people? Whatever happened to being elected to serve our corporate world? Pitiful little was done to save ATR, and there really didn't seem to be much interest until the very last minute. I know ... I was there.

As I drive along 127 both north and south, the grass is almost up to the window of the car. In front of our industries, Highway 127 as well as Lebanon Road, it looks like a pasture. Why can't the roadsides and mediums be mowed?


Maybe the mayor and the commission have been so busy arguing that you haven't noticed or is there some other motive? In the contracts maybe???

Interesting enough, it appears our medical facilities may need your intervention if the rate of departure of staff is any indication that there is a problem. I would highly suggest that you and the city commission become more involved in the workings of our community other than making sure the local police have their instructions to hide and catch all the folks they could in order to boost the revenue.

Was speeding all right before you needed money? Were the other traffic violations all right before? Consistency is important in any endeavor of our life ... especially where multiple people are bound together in a society. Where is ours?

Heart of Danville faces huge cuts, and the Humane Society and the YMCA revenue is cut completely. Was the money that was budgeted before wasted, or we didn't care, BUT now, all of a sudden they don't need it?? How responsible is it to say you had it, but now you don't. I see a pattern much like writing traffic tickets.

Biven named to state post appears in the Advocate. He couldn't manage the little town of Danville, but he can be a director at the state level? Which one of you guys would he not agree with? Am I ringing anybody's bell?

We are being paralyzed by over analysis and roadblocks by personal agendas. We have all read in the Advocate about the commissioners and what they believe and where they stand; however, very little is being accomplished. If talking could put a plan into motion, we would be world leaders. Please show our community what the meetings and closed-door sessions have produced. Elected city leaders are for the good of the whole not individuals.

The mayor of New York City donated $5 million of his own money to equip planes to protect future investors traveling to New York from possible terrorist attacks. This is someone who not only "talks the talk but walks the walk." Can anyone from our city say they have that kind of unselfish leadership?

Some leaders with foresight have served Danville, in the past. It is obvious by the amount of industry, businesses, Centre and other local interests. They were not controlled by their own interests and inability to get along with others to accomplish the objectives for the benefit of the local community.

I challenge all of you to reevaluate your job description and your focus. Danville can be better, but it takes a vision and leadership working together to get us there. A true leader can listen and apply all of the best to accomplish the objectives. Can the mayor or city commission members honestly say this applies to them?

Don Votaw


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