Garrard grads acknowledge past before looking to future

May 24, 2004|JIM LOGAN

LANCASTER - Garrard County High School sent 140 seniors into the future Friday night in a graduation ceremony that began with a tender acknowledgment of the past.

At the beginning of commencement, the school honored the memory of Lois Speake, a second-grade teacher at Paint Lick Elementary School who was killed in a car crash May 4.

Four of Speake's former students - Ashley Abee, Britt Parson, Bethany Preston and Kelly Prewitt, all of whom were graduating - lit a candle for the woman who taught at Paint Lick for 47 years.

That moment of solemnity was one of the few in an evening of celebration.

The featured speakers were valedictorian Brandon McGlone and salutatorian Rachel East.

In his valedictory address, McGlone urged his classmates to relish the moment and to "show the gratitude and appreciation that you have for everyone now, because tomorrow is never promised."


McGlone spoke of the father he lost when he was in the eighth grade, and how he learned from the man.

"My father taught me what it is to be a man," he said. "And in doing so, he taught me what it is to succeed. Hard work, determination and a little laughter are the key ingredients. I learned from him that the biggest reward a man can receive is to help another man in need."

McGlone, who will attend the University of Kentucky, finished his address by exhorting his classmates to embrace life after high school.

"Tell the people you love how you feel ... live life one day at a time, be thankful for all that you have learned and keep this moment stored in your heart for the rest of your life."

In her address, East encouraged her classmates to "live with purpose."

"This is what life is about," said East, who will attend Centre College. "Impact. Who will care how much money you make if you don't make a difference? Who will care what team you play for, where you live, or who you marry? Life is about impact. The impact you have on family, friends, and complete strangers.

"So, as we prepare to enter into the real world, we must remember to make a difference. We are the class of 2004. We have the ability to achieve greatness, so let's get out there and do it. Do great things because you can. Be great because you are. It's all about impact. Money, fame and power will not matter in a hundred years, but what you leave behind, who you impact, will."

In addition to receiving their diplomas, a number of students were singled out for special awards.

Stephanie Beard, Sara Fox, Laura Sykes, McGlone and East received Commonwealth Diplomas.

Jess Estridge, McGlone, East and Sykes were named Governor's Scholars.

Whitney Cox and East received Girls' State honors.

Graduates with at least 3.7 grade point average

Students graduating with grade point averages of 3.7 and above were: Abee, Beard, East, McGlone, Estridge, Sykes, Andrea Adams, Carrie Arnold, Erin Barger, Sheri Brewer, Jennifer Brogli, Abigail Cole, Jake Cool, Michael Dick, Charles Goldey, Emily Green, Jason McMurtry, Tyler Oliver, Amanda Sanchez, Micah Smith, Jessica Spata and Lee Speaks.

The Graduates

Ashlee Abee, Andrea Adams, Tiffany Allen, Christopher Amon, Brent Anderson, Mark Anderson Jr., Carrie Arnold, Nicholas Atkinson, Harvey Ayres, Kyle Ayres, Brandon Baker, Connie Baker, Erin Barger, Stephanie Beard, Corey Beasley, Sabrina Blaton, John Bond, Whitney Brents, Joseph Brewer, Linda Brewer, Sheri Brewer, Brittany Broadus, Jennifer Brogli, Anthony Browning, Jennifer Browning, Chris Burns, Sarah Carey, Philip Carpenter, Joseph Carter, Mary Carter, Wesley Case,

Nathan Chowning, Meagen Christopher, April Clark, Chris Clark, Jesse Clark, Nicole Clark, Abigail Cole, Tarrah Collier, Martin Cool, Jody Cooper, Lacy Corner, Ean Cox, Timothy Crittle, Kyle Cupp, Samantha Curtsinger, Brittany Delver, Michael Denney, Christopher Desmond, Michael Dick, Rachel East, Emilie Eckert, Thomas Elwood, Jess Estridge, Marie Fields, Sara Fox, Sandra Gilbert, Sarah Goins, Charles Goldey, Emily Green, Colby Grider, Kritian Grow, Vanessa Gruen, Christina Hamill, Michael Hardwick, Matthew Hart, Natasha Hasty, Justin Helton, Michael Highley, Heather Himes, Brandon Houp, Via Howard, Marcus Hubbard, Walte Hulett, Crystal Hume, Kelsey Huser, Bonnie Jones, Tara Jones,

James Kelly, Nicole Kimes, Samuel Kindred, Katrina Korn, Alyssa Lafferty, Randall Lainhart Jr., James Lamb, Heather Land, Brittany Lane, Ryan Lane, Jessica Lawwill, John Teague, Sean Leavell, Morgan Lowe, Coy Lucas, Mark Major, Rebecca Marcum, Candiace McCord, Brandon McGlone, Dracie McGuire, Jason McMurtry, Tiffany Meadors, Joshua Meece, Brandon Merriman, Ronald Middleton, Ashley Miller, Lillian Moore, Alyssa O'Connell, Benjamine O'Hearn, Phillip Oliver,

Britt Parson, Timothy Pingleton, Bethany Preston, Kelly Prewitt, Tiffany Prewitt, Danielle Purcell, Timothy Quisenberry, Adam Robinson, Michael Robinson, Tanya Romero, Amanda Sanchez, Melissa Scoff, Brandon Sebastian, Lindsay Sebastian, Rebecca Senn, Jennifer Smith, Micah Smith, Tera Smith, Stephanie Sparks, Jessica Spata, Lee Speaks, Dawn Spickard, Kimberly Spurlin, Phillip Surber, Laura Sykes, Donna Teas, Rebecca Thomas, Spenser Toler, Casey Underwood, David Vence, David Wade III, Tim Winchester, Benjamin Yates, Krista Young and Steven Young.

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