Casey graduates asked to focus on class memories, future possibilities

May 24, 2004|BRENDA S. EDWARDS

LIBERTY - Memories and endless possibilities were on the minds of the 142 graduates at Casey County High School Friday night during their final assembly in the gymnasium.

They remembered former classmate Tosha Renee Foley, who died in an auto crash during her sophomore year at CCHS, and the good times and bad times during their high school years. The graduates wore pink ribbons in remembrance of Foley, and a vacant chair decorated with a pink ribbon and balloons was a symbol of her absence.

"Bond of Memories" was the topic that Rita Helen Dixon, Christy Nicole Hooks, Melissa Ann Pelley and Ben Johnson Sweeney chose to talk about in their speeches.

Dixon said graduation night was the final memory at the high school for those who finished 13 years in the Casey schools and for others who only spent a few years there.


Sweeney talked about sports successes and failures, saying the class had been successful in football and golf a couple of years, and the cross-country team had made it to the state during their junior year. The girls basketball team went undefeated during their junior year.

"We've been through a lot of things together that have shaped our lives," said Pelley.

Dixon said no matter where the graduates are, there will still be a bond between them and that every single person made the class what it is today. "Thanks for the memories, big and little. Everything was unpredictable, and in the end it's been right. Thank you for the time of our lives."

The "Endless Possibilities" for the graduates "is just another turning point in our lives," said Sarah Cassandra Ware.

The small class sizes were good for the graduates, said Amy Kathryn Goodlett. She said the teacher guidance wasal ways in the right direction.

"As high school seniors, we look back, but our teachers remind us to look ahead," said Goodlett. "Their guidance and words of wisdom will remain with us. Don't let anything stand in your way to be successful."

Graduation is the end of one phase of our lives, now we begin another," said Ware. "We will always be the graduating class of 2004. Our lives will change but old friends remain."

"Where do we go from here?" asked Jared Ellis Atwood. "As we look forward, it seems intimidating, but we can't weasel our way out. The future lies in our hands. We have our whole life ahead. Don't let anyone hold you back. Don't be afraid our the future."

Atwood said graduation is just the beginning. "Give it your best shot. If you can imagine, you can create, and if you dream, you can do it. Live your life to the fullest," Atwood concluded.

Principal Tim Goodlett called the class one of the most exceptional he'd worked with. He told them to reach for their dreams and work hard on their goals. He said nothing is easy and good things take time.

Goodlett said having positive attitudes and goals can be reached. He urged the graduates to stay focused, but not too steady, make and follow a plan, but be flexible, move ahead but not too fast.

"Applaud those who have a helping hand in your success," he concluded.


Graduates with high distinction and 4.0 grade point average are: Jared Ellis Atwood, Michelle Nicole Clark, Rita Helen Dixon, Amy Kathryn Goodlett, Christy Nicole Hooks and Sarah Mae Ware.

Those with high distinction are: Andrew David Allen, Brian Lee Bagby, Samantha Luttrell Barrows, Jennifer C. Burton, Jessica D. Burton, Amy Michelle Cooper, Shawn Casey Glass, Bethany Susan Gosser, Zachary Quinn Gosser, Meagan Lyndsey Murphy, Jessica Raye Payton, Melissa Ann Pelley, Iris Nicole Peyton, Jessica Lynn Pierce, Michael C. Propes, Evelyn Christine Ryan, Sara Ashley Sanders, Ben Johnson Sweeney and Kellie Bridgette Warner.

Graduating with distinction are: Jessica Faye Atwood, Dustin David Austin, Rachel Leann Clements, Kasey Lynn Cooper, Nikkie Lean Denson, Jessica Marie Dilsaver, Casey Michelle Emerson, Pamela Joy Goode, Holly Marie Irwin, Andrea Jill Lee, Lissa A. Murphy, Joshua Dale Patterson, Sonny Carl Patterson, Marisela Salomon, Jared Lewis Watts, Malory Sara Wesley and Brian Lee Williams.

Also graduating are: Russell O'Neil Abner, Gregory Warren Atwood, Clifford Corey Barrows, Ryan Travis Black, George Wayne Bonnett, Tiffany Lynn Boyer, Casey Boyd Brown, Christopher Lee Brown, Randall Albert Buck, Barry Joe Burton, Jason James Burton, Christine Edwena Campbell, Kyle Andrew Carey, Lori Beth Carman, Matthew Mark Cheeseman, Stephanie Kay Clements, Thomas Andrew Clements, Dustin Wayne Cochran,

Jake Michael Davis, Justin Clifton Delaney, Rex Anthony Dean Delk, Kimberly Gail Derringer, Johnathan Lee Dillion, Tristan Durham, Jeremy Gale Durham, Joshua Jesse Emerson, Sarah Jane Ferrell, Justin Dale Gamble, Luis Alberto Maza Gonzalez, Brittany Denise Gray, Jeffery Scott Griffin, Felicia Rose Haste, Parker Allen Hatter, Tyler Roy Hatter, William Russell Hatter, Alicia Dawn Hogue, Ashley Lynn Hogue, Myranda Jane Hogue, Joshua A. Hoskins, Michael Huff,

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