Lincoln graduates 209 seniors

May 25, 2004|EMILY BURTON

STANFORD - On Monday evening, 209 seniors at Lincoln County High School entered the door as students for the last time. Accompanied by the school band, the graduating class entered the gym in a procession of blue and red robes, blue robes being worn by the upper 15 percent academically. Even the warmth of the packed gym could not wilt their smiles.

After an introduction of platform guests by Student Council President Natasha Camenisch, including Board of Education members and Superintendent Teresa Wallace, valedictorian Seth Stogsdill and salutatorian Justin Kolasa congratulated their class on surviving four years.

Stogsdill used humor in his speech to reflect on high school life. Using inspirational lyrics of popular songs, he gave his class words to live by after graduation.

Kolasa, also class president, highlighted the class' last years at the high school, wondering who would get in trouble if walls could talk.


Kolasa challenged his class to leave the high school in search of new memories.

"The past is great to look back on, but not to dwell on. If you spend all of your life looking behind you, you lose sight of your goals and dreams, and the path that is leading you there. Therefore, I encourage all of you to look to the future, stay on the forward path, and to always make wise decisions," said Kolasa. "I had an awesome time. Thank you. We're done."

The Class of 2004 was presented by Principal Ty Howard. Diplomas were awarded by Assistant Principals Tim Whitis and Wesley Cornett and counselors Charlotte Raney and Darrel Story.

Attendance awards were given to Troy Penington for six years of perfect attendance and Mindy Gastineau for four years of perfect attendance.

National Honor Society members included Matthew Anderson, Brittany Beck, Nikita Bianchi, Jessica Brandenburg, Natasha Camenisch, Christopher Carter, Kristen Coulter, Megan Ellis, Rachel Fitzpatrick, Mindy Gastineau, Alicia Grimm, Christopher Hart, Erin Kelley, Justin Kolassa, Elizabeth Miller, Daniel Moore, Tabitha Ramsey, Daniel Sinkhorn, Chase Smith, Valerie Spaulding, Seth Stogsdill, Ashley Turpin, Ryan Waldroup and Ashley Wray.

The graduates

The 209 members of the graduating class of 2004 are:

Eric Adkins, Ashley Alford, Aaron Anderson, Matthew Anderson, Holly Argo, William Bailey, Brittany Beck, Brittany Benge, David Bentley, Nikita Bianchi, Eric Blevins, Robert Bodner, Kenneth Boyd, Jessica Brandenburg, Elizabeth Bratcher, Megan Brooks, Brandon Brown, Curtis Brown, Mark Brumett, Jon-eric Buis, Dena Burchett, Brittany Burnside, Kennya Burton, Jennifer Bustle, Celessa Caldwell, Hilary Caldwell, Daniel Callahan, Natasha Camenisch, William Camenisch, Mark Carman, Brandon Carter, Christopher Carter, Jesse Carter, Kala Cartmill, Karmin Cartmill, Jeremy Coleman, Tiffini Coleman and Jenny Conatser.

Lislie Cooley, Jessilyn Coontz, Amanda Cooper, Kristen Coulter, Amy Crespo, Casey Crowe, Jeremy Crowe, Jacob Cummins, Olivia Davis, Jessica Day, Kelly Denney, Vincent Denny, Patricia Douglas, Christina Dowell, Jamie Duncan, Timothy Durham, Brandon Edwards, Rachel Edwards, Ashley Elkins, Megan Ellis, Kasey Evans, Candice Farris, Patrick Fields, Keithon Fitzgerald, Rachel Fitzpatrick, Joy Floyd, Jana Foley, Bobby Foster, Wesley Franklin, Jessica Freeman, Christopher Gaskin, Mindy Gastineau, Jesse Gatliff, Troy Gingrass, Jamison Goatee, Douglas Goens II, Erica Goode, Jessica Goode, Jonathan Greer, Amanda Griffitts, Jonathan Grimes, Alicia Grimm and Gabe Hall.

Gwendolyn Hardwick, Mary Lee Harris, Travis Harris, Christopher Hart, Tiffany Hartman, Crystal Haskins, Ashley Henderson, Steven Hendrickson, Patrick Hocker, Robin Holcomb, Jesse Horseman, Matthew Hoskins, Tiffany Jackson, Leanne Jacobs, Lindsey Jaggers, Tracy Johnson, Erin Kelley, Kris Kirkpatrick, Ryan Kirkpatrick, Emily Knouse, Justin Kolasa, Amanda Lane, Sabrina Lane, Misty Lanham, Cory Lansaw, Amanda Lay and Melissa Ledford.

Kevin Manuel, Kevin Marks, Amber Martin, Joseph Marzoni, Megan Mason, Ella McCoy, Nicole McKenzie, Amanda McKnight, Andrew Merriman, Elizabeth Miller, Bradley Moore, Derick Moore, Erick Moore, Roy Moore, Jeffery Murphy, Larry Naron III, Cynthia Naylor, Herlin Naylor, Craig Noland, James Norman, Mara Nuckols, Caleb Osburn, Andrew Peek, Troy Pennington, Melissa Pike, Candace Price, Michael Quinton, Tabitha Ramsey, Angela Ray, Laken Reed, Jacquelyn Rhinehart, Brandon Rice, David Rice, Carla Robbins, David Rowland, Brittany Ruckel, John Russell, Joshua Sallee, Bryan Sanders and Rebecca Schuler.

Adam Shelley, Tad Shelton, Richard Simmerman III, Deidre Simpson, Daniel Sinkhorn, Thaddiaus Slone, Amanda Smith, Dustin Smith, Jessica Smith, Thomas Smith, Andrew Sowder, Joshua Sowder, Valerie Spauling, Jeremy St. Lawrence, Jeremy Stamper, William Stewart, Benjamin Stogsdill, Tara Strunk, Amanda Stutz, DeShonna Taylor, Jeremiah Taylor, Kristen Taylor, AnDrew Terry, Brittany Thomas, Joshua Thomas, Kristian Thomas, Rachael Thomas, Rayshell Thomas, Kacy Thompson, Katosha Thornsberry, Jonathan True and Ashley Turpin.

Joshua Unthank, Christopher Upton, Trenton Vincent, Ryan Waldroup, Phillip Walker II, Phillis Walker, Byron Wall, Jessica Walls, Christopher Warmouth, Ashley Watson, Brittany Watts, Deedra Wesley, Jonathon Whidden, Laura Wilcher, Tabitha Wilder, Ashley Williams, Stephanie Williams, Shawn Wiser, David Withers, Brett Witte, Tammie Wolfinbarger, Roganna Woodrum, Ashley Wray, George Yocum Jr., Justin Young and Sheena Young.

December graduate: Luke Muse.

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