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May 25, 2004

100 years ago - 1904

The Centre College Athletic Association was reorganized by the student body. For a $5 fee, students can become members. No student is eligible to play on the baseball, football or track team unless he joins the association.

The local Elks lodge has done commendable work. The railroad will be built this summer and other things are sure to come. The Elks' commercial club can push for some needed improvements. The franchise for the electric light company is to be sold and is being drawn by the city attorney. Several electric lines are wanted and the club will help get them. Danville has the best schools and best bank stock in Kentucky, but it needs manufacturing plants. Members of the commercial club are C.R. McDowell, W.G. Dunlap, A.S. Robertson, W. Reed Embry, Samuel Lyons, E.R. Dillehay, T.O. Miller, G.E. Wiseman Jr., B.J. Durham, G.W. Welsh and R.P. McGoodwin.


Perhaps the biggest freight wreck ever seen in this section occurred in a double header freight train. A train was flying along at the rate of 35 miles an hour when the train broke in two, pulling a draw head out of a car that was attached to head engine No. 674. Box cars were splintered and torn to pieces and piled higher than telephone poles. Nine cars and engine 595 were demolished. The train had 31 cars, most of which were loaded with iron, lumber and other materials. The loss was estimated at $65,000.

Memorial Day for the Confederate dead will be observed with a program by the Kate Morrison Breckinridge Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The procession will form at W.C. Price's house and go to the opera house. After the program there, the graves in Bellevue Cemetery will be decorated. S. VanPelt is arranging a program for the decoration of the Federal graves in the cemetery. Some good music and speeches will be made before the decorations are placed.

The Danville Fire Department is beginning to look like a real city department and the engine house will attract much attention. Two handsome stalls have been fitted up for the horses and rooms were added for the firefighters on night duty.

75 years ago - 1929

Lucy Puryear, a graduate of Danville High School and a freshmen in the women's department at Centre college, has been added to Sock and Buskin's carnival play, "Children of the Moon." She will portray a sweet and understanding elderly lady who sympathizes with younger members of the cast in the problems presented to them by modern 20th century life.

Two unidentified men driving a Chrysler roadster with a rumble seat and Ohio license plate slugged A.T. Bodner Jr., manager of the Gulf gasoline station at Main Street and Old Wilderness Road. The men escaped with $44 in cash. The men asked Bodner to inspect the oil in their car. He told them they needed half a gallon. They followed him in the station and he saw that one of them had drawn a knife. Bodner wrestled with the man with the knife and received several cuts. The other man hit Bodner in the head with a monkey wrench. During the robbery, no one noticed that anything was happening.

The formal opening of the Crab Orchard Springs Hotel will be held June 8. With excellent roads leading to the resort, Danville residents probably will patronized it more than ever. Five conventions will be held there this season. It has been renovated and is in spick and span condition. Conventions scheduled there include Underwriters Insurance, druggists, Kentucky-Tennessee District of Kiwanis, Boy Scout Committee of Kentucky, West Virginia and Ohio and the fox hunters.

A member of the U.S. War Department has been assigned the task of building a marker in honor of the Union soldiers who were killed in the great battle at Perryville during the Civil War. Capt. Francis Maslin spent a day with members of the battlefield commission inspecting the grounds and gathering historical information in connection with building the marker. He was accompanied by Mrs. F.W. VanDuyne, wife of Col. VanDuyne. The couple just returned from Europe where they spent several months being in charge of erecting markers for American soldiers who died in the World War.

50 years ago - 1954

Patty Furr will be valedictorian and Martha Griffin will be salutatorian in class night exercises at Danville High School. The theme of the program is "A South Sea Island Reunion 20 Years from Now." Music will be provided by the school's choir and Bernie Hamilton, a member of the graduating class. Girls will wear colorful skirts and white blouses and boys will wear white trousers and colorful shirts for a tropical effect.

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