Class of 2004 one of Fort Logan's best, principal says

May 26, 2004|EMILY BURTON

STANFORD - Seventy-three graduating seniors of Fort Logan High School received diplomas Wednesday night among pomp and circumstance.

But leaving school for the last time might be a little more difficult than some had thought, said students.

"(It will be) really hard. I'm going to miss it a lot," said Fallon West, before speaking at the ceremony. "At first, I was excited to be done, but then it sunk in that I'm finished with school. It will be hard to not come back."

Lessons at Fort Logan went beyond the perfunctory basics, said student speaker Emily Akers. "I learned that life is tough, and you don't always get what you want. You have to work for what you want to get."

"If you work hard, it pays off in the end, even if sometimes things get bad and you don't remember they can get better," said D.J. McConnell, also chosen to speak at the ceremony. The three student speakers were chosen based on academic performance.


Principal Scott Montgomery said the Class of 2004 was one of the best the school has seen, with "better attendance, yearly performance, and their dedication to getting their diploma."

Montgomery also said the school wouldn't be able to celebrate graduation successes without the support of the school board, superintendent and educators alike.

The Graduates

Graduates are:

Natasha Ascencio, Emily Akers, Jane Allen, Miranda Baker, Matthew Barker, Zackary Benedict, Samantha Bishop, Shaun Boyd, Priscilla Brock, Michael Browning, Timothy Brummett, Adam Burgess, Wendy Coffee, Joshua Combs, Rickey Crawley, Jason Dailey, Janafer Denson, Amanda Drury, Jeremy Durham, Jetto Dye, Mallory Edmiston, Bobby Eldridge, Timothy Faulkner, Harmony Fields, Nicholas Fields, Rodney Floyd, Tabitha Foster, Nicholas French, Joshua Gerkey, Holly Hasty, Emily Johnson, Michael Johnson, Justin Kidd, Brandi Leffew, Shannon Lofton, Jeremy Long, Katherine Mason, Darrell McConnell, Michael McGirr and Gregory Miller.

Gary Miniard, Billy Joe Miracle, Stephanie Miracle, Amy Moore, Cherish Moore, Dustin Murphy, William Murphy, Ashton Padgett, John Peavler, Samantha Pike, Carl Randolph, William Reed, John Robbins II, Cassie Robertson, Tonya Rowe, Loretta Smith, Joshua Snow, William Strevels, Anna Taylor, Stephen Taylor, Jeremy Thomasson, George Vanhook, Tyler Venoy, Clayton Vest, Eldon Washington, Fallon West, Theodore White, David Whitehouse, Carl Wilkinson, Cara Williams, Benjamin Wolinsky, Cabrina Yaste and Alicia York.

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