Boyle County seniors win $1,947,320 in merit scholarships

May 26, 2004

Boyle County High School students received $1,947,320 in merit scholarships, announced Tuesday night at the annual awards program at Weisiger Theatre at Centre College.

Senior scholarship winners include Sarah Arnold, Amanda Barrick, Kathryn Bayless, Michelle Bennett, Lauren Best, Laura Bischoff, Thomas Carter, Lindsay Davidson, Nick Farmwald, Brandon Goode, Jacob Herndon, Lee Hoagland, Sam Huff, Jennifer Jacobs, Jeremy Johnson, Michael Lane, Katie Layfield, Rianne Marcum, Clint McCrystal, Tracy Montgomery, Josh Qualls, Marianna Richardson, Emily Rigney, Brittney Stillwell and Phillip Wysong.

Departmental awards went to: mass media, Alex Dawson and Mallory Spears, $500 each; science, Sarah Arnold and Josh Qualls; English, Josh Qualls; family and consumer science, Joanna Frauenhoffer and Brittney Lyons; family and consumer science skills standards certificates, Melissa Camden, Fallon Douglas, Joanna Frauenhoffer, Daniel Gribbons, Savannah Hunstad, Jennifer Jacobs, Sarah Lammy, Michelle Bennett, Jessica Galloway, McKenzie Holderman, Jennifer Rice, Erica Shell, Elizabeth Smith and Brittany Lyons.

French, Jessica McQuerry and Josh Qualls; Spanish, Samantha Combest; physical education, Brad Cloud; agriculture, Bill Lane; art, Laura Bischoff; all-state certificates in art, Laura Bischoff, Katie Layfield, Anthony Rosel and Kara Poarch; social studies, Mark Spurlin; math, Phillip Wysong; business, Sam Huff; technology education, pre-engineering and production, Clint McCrystal and Joseph Pierce; Kentucky manufacturing skills standard certification of recognition, Josh Crowe, Kyle Curtis, Ashton Kendrick, Ian Loughery, Clint McCrystal and Andrew Schaedel.


Kentucky pre-engineering and tech ed skill standards certificate, Mark Alcorn, Josh Crowe, Kyle Curtis, Ashton Kendrick, Clint McCrystal, Joseph Pierce, Barry Snider and Stephen Warner; TSA senior award, Matthew Hagen; John Phillip Sousa award, Lauren Best; arts and humanities, Laura Bischoff and Rianne Marcum; health sciences, Daniel Gribbins, first place, HOSA state conference; skills standards certificates, Tracy Montgomery, Rebecca Keiser, Dustin Clem, Chastity Shell, Kim Anderson, Charles Newberry and Marissa Hibbs; special award, Victoria Sheene, 16 hours of mentoring at Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center.

Other award winners include:

Kentucky Amvets Auxillary, Curtis Cox, $100; Ballard Robinson Award, Derek Vonckx, $500; Dollars for Scholars, Zachary Coyle, Rianne Marcum, Nick Farmwald, Curtis Cox, Lauren Best, Mallory Spears and Alex Dawson, $500 each; Heritage Bank scholarship, Michael Lane, $500; Papa John's scholarship, Wendy Pennington, $1,000; John Camenisch scholarship, Lauren Best, $500; Alpha Delta Kappa scholarship, Rianne Marcum, $250; Corning scholarship, Nick Farmwald, $750; Joni Wilder scholarship, Clint McCrystal and McKenzy Holderman.

Perryville Christian Church scholarship, Lauren Best, Matthew Bottom, Blake Jones, Clint McCrystal, McKenzy Holderman, Daniel Smith, Wendy Pennington and Ian Young; FCA Tammy Bottoms award, Amanda Alford; Matsushita scholarship, Josh Chester, $1,500; faculty award, Laura Bischoff; Rupley award, Josh Qualls and Brittany Schaefer, $100 each; Sherry Durbin scholarship, Nicole Engle, $500; Ephraim McDowell Auxillary scholarship, Sarah Arnold, $500; BCHS Football Boosters, Michael Lane, Ian Loughery and Brad Cloud, $1,000 each; Kentucky Farm Bureau, Ben Pruitt, $500; PBK Bank, Lauren Best, $500.

Inter-County Energy, Rianne Marcum, $1,000; BCHS athletic scholarship, Blake Jones, $750; Army Reserve scholar/athlete, Jeremy Enlow and Joanna Frauenhoffer; Navy scholarship, Devin Lawson and Ashley Ford, $35,000 each; Central Kentucky Youth Salute scholarship, Ryan Dickinson, $4,100 and Adam Dickinson, $100; Pfizer scholarship, Phillip Wysong, $3,000 (one of 16 national winners); Hilliard Lyons scholarship, Rebekah Sargent, $390; Chamber of Commerce award, Mary Beth Baker.

BCHS DAR Good Citizen Award, Zachary Coyle; Marine award for outstanding scholar, Laura Bischoff; Marine Award for outstanding athlete, Ian Young; Presidential Educational Excellence Award, Sarah Arnold, Laura Bischoff, Thomas Carter, Zachary Coyle, Lindsay Davidson, Jeremy Enlow, Jennifer Gander, Lee Hoagland, Bryan Kreiter, Kyle Martin, James C. McCrystal, Tracy Montgomery, Joseph Pierce, Joshua Qualls, Marianna Richardson, Amanda Sherwood, Elizabeth W. Smith, Mark Spurlin, Derek Vonckx and Phillip Wysong.

Governor's Scholars participants: Adam Dickinson, Ryan Dickinson, Jessica McQuerry and Alia Samhat.

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