Men and women in Armed Forces being railroaded for doing ther jobs

May 26, 2004

Dear Editor:

I would like to respond to Mr. Hoover and his idea that we should honor traitors and that aggression training for American soldiers is somehow as bad as the cowardly murder of millions of Jews by Nazi Germany.

He also refers to the president of the United States as a liar and the military as being under the control of the Republican Party. Well, Mr. Hoover, I guess that makes all liberals cowards, according to your logic. Thank God that we have good conservatives who are willing to stand up and fight for Mr. Hoover's right to aid and abet our enemy through his desire and speech that our military stand by and do nothing to defend itself from murder bombers and terrorist attacks in Iraq.

The fact is that our military was and is doing exactly what it should have been doing at Abu Ghraib. It should have been doing whatever it takes to obtain the intelligence necessary to keep our men and women alive in Iraq. Lest we forget, Abu Ghraib was a prison and prison is not supposed to be fun, and war is hell.


The Iraqis who were "abused" were anything but. Intimidated, yes, scared, yes, threatened, probably, actually harmed? Hardly. These techniques were and are necessary to obtain vital scraps of information that can mean the difference between life and death for our soldiers in the field. If an Iraqi gets his picture taken naked to make that happen, tough. He still gets to go home at some point in time.

Since the comparison has been made to Nazi Germany, how many Jews got to go home from the concentration camps, Mr. Hoover? How many Jews received payment from the German goverment for their suffering?

I think Mr. Hoover needs to go read some history books. He and most liberals complaining about Abu Ghraib have lost all sense of scale and concept about what true abuses, torture, wholesale murder and human experimentation are all about.

Have any of these things really gone on in Iraq? Not from anything that I have seen - just a military doing its job.

Our men and women in the Armed Forces are being railroaded for doing their job, thanks to people like Mr. Hoover, and terrorists all over the world are celebrating their victory over liberal America.

Thank God the conservatives haven't surrendered yet and the Spanish flag doesn't fly over the "Land of the free and the home of the brave" - at least not yet.

Stephen Knight


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