State treasurer finds $32,000 that Bob Allen didn't know was lost

May 27, 2004|TIM WISEMAN

Bob Allen did not get to keep the big check, but that's fine with him. He'll get his $32,000 anyway.

On Wednesday, State Treasurer Jonathan Miller presented Allen, owner of local car dealerships, with an oversized check for over $32,000 in unclaimed property.

The check left with Miller, but the money will stay with Allen after lying unclaimed for years.

"I am very pleased to give this money back to Bob Allen where it belongs," Miller said.

The money came from vendor checks owed to Allen from the Ford Motor Company, checks which Allen never received because he sold the business. The money remained unclaimed and was then turned over to the Treasurer's Office.

"Ford could have taken five minutes and matched the address they had for Bob Allen with his new business's address, but they didn't," Miller said. "One of our employees noticed the large amount and so we told Mr. Allen."


A sweet surprise

Allen had no idea he was owed the money, so it was a sweet surprise.

"For the punishment I took there (at the old business), it was worth it to get it back," Allen said.

Currently, the Division of Unclaimed Property has more than $80 million in assets, Miller said.

After a period time, the money - such as abandoned savings and checking accounts or uncashed checks - goes to the Division of Unclaimed Property where it will sit indefinitely until claimed.

"So many people just assume they have lost money because they weren't careful," Miller said. "But they need to check, because it might be out there."

Miller found his father's name in database

Miller said that on his first day in office he looked up his father's name in the database and found $5,000. He said there are tens of thousands of others on the list just like his father.

"I am always telling people to check their name, check their parents' names, check their grandparents' names," Miller said. "Even check your neighbor's name, because if you find something, that would take care of their Christmas present."

To check for unclaimed property, Kentuckians can go to the Treasury Department’s Web site at or call the toll-free unclaimed property hotline at 800-465-4722.

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