Recycling grows 7 percent in Boyle

May 27, 2004|LIZ MAPLES

Boyle County is recycling about all it can without curbside pickup, Donna Fechter, solid waste coordinator, told magistrates Tuesday.

The 2003 solid waste report is out, and it shows a 7 percent increase in recycling from 2002. Most of the increase comes from business and industry recycling.

Residents threw away 7,112 tons of garbage, a 5 percent increase from 2002.

Fechter said it was encouraging that the recycling rate has kept up with the rate that people throw out garbage, but that they might soon be topping off on recycling.

"It's easy to walk out there and throw (garbage) in the can and not think about it, but it costs," Judge-Executive Tony Wilder said.


The county, Danville and Perryville pay $890,447 a year to dispose of trash.

The recycling program costs $104,133.

Fechter pointed out that disposal costs would be more if there was no recycling program in the county. Wilder said recycling is the responsible thing to do for the environment.

Other elements of the report

Here are the other elements of the report:

* Boyle County inmates saved the county $92,359 in labor while working the recycling center.

* More than 3,300 residents dropped off trees and limbs at convenience centers. Inmates saved the county $16,000 in labor costs at the limb recycling program.

* Two illegal dumps in the county were cleaned up. One on Taylor Road and another on Duncan Hill and Clarks Run Creek. Two more, on Claunch Road and Scrubgrass Road, will be cleaned up this coming year.

* There were 215 tires collected on amnesty day.

* County picked up 52,000 pounds of litter.

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