Stop polluting our streams and lakes

May 27, 2004

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter to you and all who will read it because fish are dying daily because they can't breath in the polluted water.

I am really concerned about the lakes and streams and all of the pollution in them.

If people don't stop throwing trash into the lakes and ponds, the animals that are thirsty will drink it and they will die! People should stop throwing soda bottles into the water. Fish and other fresh-water life also die because they breathe in the water. When trash is in the water it can rust and give a bad substance off. This causes the water to be polluted and dangerous for drinking and for animals to live and breathe in.

One day when I was at a lake in my hometown, I saw something horrible. A cell phone had rusted and was floating in the water and a refrigerator was dumped upside down with cans of beer floating through the water right beside it. Some beer was still in the cans, and it was pouring into the water. When I saw this I realized that our water will be poisoned and people will get sick if they drink it. I also felt bad for the fish that were living in the lake. We should quit throwing motors and trash into the water, too,


If we all work together we can prevent the death of people and animals.

Let's help the environment of not only the fish in the water but also the animals like deer that visit the water source for drinking.

One way people can prevent this from continuing is to stop littering. We must get our government to put up a sign that says "No polluting or you will be arrested." If the person is caught they must pay for the lake's cleaning and must help out with the process.

I hope this letter will help stop pollution from killing these helpless fish and other wildlife. Let's do our best to keep our lakes, rivers and streams clean and fresh for a new and better environment.

Dalton Murphy

Fourth-grade student

Lancaster Elementary

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