Casey school budget contains 1.5 percent salary increase

May 28, 2004|BRENDA S. EDWARDS

LIBERTY - A $17.6 million budget received tentative approval Thursday night by the Casey County Board of Education.

The budget hinges on the state legislature and Gov. Ernie Fletcher's spending plan that has to be finished by July 1, said Deena Randolph, finance officer.

"We have to walk on egg shells to see what happens," she said. "We are meeting the requirements."

She said money is being shifted and cutbacks are being made in an effort to "keep the kids in front."

Second reading and final approval will take place at the June 14 board meeting.

Randolph said the state Support Education Excellence in Kentucky funds will go for a 1.5 percent increase in salaries for all personnel as mandated by the state. That amounts to $197,807 before changes in teacher rank, which influence salaries.

She stated that the salary hikes will cost the general fund about $101,882 for certified staff, $65,599 for step raises for certified staff, and $25,326 for classified staff.


The board expects to get $8,933,891 in SEEK funds based on $3,201 per average daily attendance of 2,115 students. This includes a $10 raise per student.

Certified salaries are estimated at $6,604,957 and classified salaries are estimated at $1,531,722 plus substitutes, benefits and other expenses.

The overall budget receipts include: general fund, $12,701,000; special revenue, $3,061,060; capital outlay, $211,500; building fund, $620,753; and food service, $1,070,249.

The budget is required by the state to have a 2 percent contingency of $353,291; however, the proposed budget contingency is 2.57 percent or $454,662.

The board also has applied for another $3,061,060 in various state and federal grants.

Randolph projects a $1.7 million carryover from this year.

Revenues estimated

Revenues are estimated as follows, with amounts for the 2003-2004 fiscal year in parenthesis: property tax, $975,000 ($968,721); franchise tax, $165,000 ($254,461): delinquent tax, $10,000 ($22,820): motor vehicle tax, $350,000 ($283,399); unmined minerals, $0 ($323); utilities tax, $475,000 ($360,177); omitted property, $2,000 ($3,426); SEEK, $8,900,000 ($8,280,502); and vocational school, $60,000 ($66,668).

The new budget also shows $10,000 for school nurses at two schools; $25,000 toward a day treatment grant; $10,000 for school resource officer; $70,000 for alternative school, $13,051 for Jobs for Kentucky Graduates program salary; $170,000 for three new buses; $21,000 for floor machines for four schools; $8,000 for high school and middle school travel budget; $22,000 for miscellaneous needs; $50,000 for technical program; $13,500 for Americorps contracts; $8,400 for extension service contract; $10,000 for the high school TV station and fire educational trailer; $95,000 for special education contracts; $100,000 for worker compensation; $65,000 for tax collection; and $175,000 for insurance.

She said $60,00 has been budgeted for high school textbooks and $10,000 for vocational school textbooks.

Expenses concerning the new Jones Park Elementary School also will have an effect on the budget.

The board will have to pay $257,000 to widen Ky. 70 and add turning lanes in front of the new school, then it will be reimbursed by the state Transportation Cabinet when the work is complete.

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