Property transfers for May 30

May 30, 2004


Deeds recently filed in the office of Boyle County Clerk Denise Curtsinger include:

Ray E. and Janet U. Cole to Philip and Melodee Quinn, lot in Rolling Meadows subdivision, $282,500.

Rhonda Bradley to Douglas and Alpha Kickliter, lot in Streamland subdivision, $123,000.

Jess and Clara Maggard to Irvin L. and Betty J. Worthington and Gary W. Worthington, lot on Lake Pond Road, $16,000.

Cynthia and Dave Mason to Richard and Jeanne McQuerry, lot on Old U.S. 150, $62,500.

Joe and Teri Gerlach to Joshua and Jennie Tarter, lot in Lannock Village, $172,500.

Small's Construction Inc. to Michael and Kimberly Smith, lot in Colonial Heights subdivision, $187,500.

Leslie Haynes to Janet Sheffield, lot in Windsor Court addition, $126,000.

Lorie A. Palmer to Douglas W. Palmer, lot on Mansfield Road, divorce settlement.


Hester V. and May E. Privett to Mark A. Privett, lot on White Oak Road, fair market value $68,000.

Mike Curtis to Michael and April Phillips, lot in Shelby Green subdivision, $175,000.

Mark and Julie Dexter and Stephen Dexter to Sandra Smith, lot in Willow Springs subdivision, $118,000.

Boyle Land Development Inc. to Small's Construction Inc., lot in Colonial Heights subdivision, $29,500.

Mike Curtis and Sam and Doris Belcher to Jerry and Sue High, lot in Junction City, $68,000.

Chester L. Morrison to Rick and Elizabeth Cole, lot in Boyle County, $182,500.

Betty C. and Maurice Hundley to Linda Carrico, lot in Perryville, $60,000.

Edna M. Carney to Coy and Geraldine Compton, lot in Park Hills addition, $50,000.

Thelma C. Jones to Jennifer Freitag, lot on Perryville Turnpike Road, $250,000.

Thelma C. Jones to Jennifer Freitag, lot on North Rolling Fork, $250,000.

Mary Anne and Vincent Vanover to Shane Cummins, lot in Fitzpatrick Heights subdivision, $75,000.

Sherry F. Martin to Denise A. Smith, lot on St. Mildred's Court, $155,000.

Rick and Robin Lee to city of Perryville, lot on Main and Fifth streets, $15,000.

Gilberta Abbott to Ferba Walker, lot on CCC Lane, fair market value $100,000.

Richard and Marie Whitehouse and Helen and John Parker to Lewis and Sarah Brown, lot in Paula Heights subdivision, $60,000.

Ann L. Downey and Lisa Denney, co-executors of Zella Devine estate, Teddy Devine, Ann and Rick Downey, and Lisa and Parrish Denney to Paul and Gail Cook, lot in Boyle County, $54,459.

Jackie E. Davis to J. Thomas Hensley, Jackie E. Davis and Nicole Records, lot in Bright's Bend subdivision, fair market value $6,000.

Debra Ashby to Stephanie L. Miller, lot in Junction City, $50,395.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Eva S. Miller include:

Frances J. Williams for Leemon V. Williams estate to Frances J. Williams, 47 acres on Knob Lick Creek, fair cash value $100,000.

Carol and Violet Pierce and Murrell and Geraldine Pierce to Murrell and Geraldine Pierce, 40.37 acres on Green River, gift; fair cash value, $45,000.

John H. Rigney III and Donna Rigney to Harold Baird, half acre on Hustonville Street, exchange of property; fair cash value, $90,000.

Jackie and Kathy Propes to Leonard Crawley, property on Elixir Springs Road, Middleburg, $20,000.

Marie R. Price to Renee Allen, property on Maple Avenue, Liberty, gift; fair cash value, $65,000.

Mary A. Mullins for Mabel E. Wardrip estate to Mary A. Mullins, Danny Wardrip, Elizabeth McKnight, Steven Wardrip and Michael S. Wardrip, property on Ky. 198, fair cash value $30,000.

Mary A. and Dwayne Mullins, Danny and Rebecca Wardrip, Steven and Donna Wardrip, Michael S. and Carissa Wardrip, and Elizabeth and Virgil McKnight to Joey Pittman and Sheila Bell, property on Ky. 198, Middleburg, $30,000.

Cathryn Cornett for Hubert Cornett estate to Rollin Cannon, 91 acres on Chelf Ridge Road, $22,500.

Ancil C. and Mary E. Hale to Michael S. and Michelle Hale, property on Scotts Road, gift; fair cash value, $1,000.

Bryan W. and Stephanie Floyd to Leah R. Smither, property on Woodrum Ridge Road, $80,000.

Bradley S. and Amanda Godbey to Susan M. Haste, 1.11 acres on Ky. 70 and Bethelridge-Ansel Road, $63,000.

Rose Hatter to Donald and Terri Wilkey, 2.360 acres on Ky. 501-Lawhorn Hill, $3,540.

William F. and Donna S. Hill to William F. and Donna S. Hill and Jacquelin S. Hill, 6 acres on Indian Creek Road; no price listed.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Stacy May include:

Kenneth Griffin and Nanna Griffin to Rick Griffin and Linda Cope, lot in Donald Watkins subdivision, gift; $2,500 fair cash value.

Joe and Gladys Pitts to Charles L. and Melanie J. York, lot in Hidden Valley subdivision, $19,000.

William K. Combs to Paul and Mary Allen, property in Garrard County, $4,000.

Maryann and Dennis Alquist to Judy L. Dawahare, property in Garrard County, $187,250.

Dennis R. and Claudia D. Smith to Ronald D. and Patricia A. Nunemaker, lot in North Ridge Estates subdivision, $15,250.

Michael and Angela Day to Sheila W. Cornelison, tract in Turkey Creek Estates, $170,000.

Clyde Merida to Linda Feldman, property in Garrard County, $78,000.

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