Priced to move - house needs a new home

June 01, 2004|JIM LOGAN

It's hard to miss Bob Stovall's real estate ad. While most listings strain to describe a home's desirability, his ad trumpets an "El Dumpo Special."

"Move it or blow it up - I don't care. 900 Sq. ft. 2 br. vinyl," his ad in the Advocate reads.

The breezy dismissal conjures images of a disintegrating shack surrounded by discarded appliances. But it turns out that Stovall's home is, in the tradition of real estate ads, not quite what it appears to be.

The small, gray home - essentially a box with a porch - is only two or three years old, and it's never been lived in. It sits in rolling country just off U.S. 68 about three miles west of Perryville with The Knobs as a backdrop.


Its fatal flaws, however, are still the oldest issues in real estate: location, location, location.

Stovall and his partners plan to develop the land as a 31-acre subdivision called Westview Farms, and "El Dumpo" sits where he wants to put a road. Because the house wouldn't fit in with the larger homes of the subdivision, it has to go.

And since the police frown on actually blowing up homes, it really has to go - preferably on the back of a large truck.

A few people have looked at the place, for which Stovall is asking $25,000, but no one's made an offer. Buying a house that needs a new home isn't for everybody.

"It's a little complicated," he said. "You need to think about it before you do it."

Stovall said it likely would cost $8,000 to $10,000 to move the home, which has been appraised at $50,000, in one piece. With a single story, it can go just about anywhere.

Add a basement with a couple of bedrooms, he said, and "it'd make a really nice house."

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