Boyle seniors told to remember their past, but embrace change

June 01, 2004|GARY MOYERS

Boyle County High School's three highest-ranking graduating seniors told their classmates Friday to look ahead, but remember their years in high school.

The BCHS commencement ceremonies saw 180 seniors receive diplomas.

James "Clint" McCrystal ended his high school career with a 4.156 grade point average and plans to major in engineering at the University of Kentucky. He told his fellow seniors graduation is a time for reflection, but also for change.

"Graduation is a time for reflecting on the memories. These include both fond memories and even some that we would soon like to forget. Ranging from hanging out with friends, to participating in class projects, they all seem significant to us. This week I, personally, have been overwhelmed with the memories linked to my 13 years of public education.

"But even more so, graduation is also a time of change. With this change comes a period of transition from childhood into adulthood, which also encompasses many new responsibilities. No longer are we legally responsible to attend school, nor are we forced into any particular engagements. However, we are now responsible for providing for ourselves and contributing to a functioning society. We are urged to be beneficial instead of detrimental to our fellow man."


Laura Bischoff compiled a 4.151 grade point average and plans to major in art or anthropology at the University of Kentucky. She expressed her feelings in a poem.

"And now I, like you, stand / on the next stone and yearn / for divine guidance / wanting to fine new pebbles to place in my rock garden. / So that I can gaze / across the sea of stone / knowing I have overcome the burdens that harden our lives and faces."

Zachary Andrew Coyle graduated with a 4.129 grade point average and plans to major in business management at the University of Kentucky.

"We approach the proverbial 'fork in the road' with apprehension toward the not so distant future, Coyle said. "No matter what decisions you have made affecting your next level in life, your family and friends will stand by your side."

Now we're running on a clean slate with a whole lifetime ahead of us. It certainly is a new beginning."

High Honors Graduates (3.79-4)

Roland Achenjang, Sarah Arnold, Laura Bischoff, Thomas Carter, Ashley Collier, Zachary Coyle, Jeremy Enlow, Jennifer Gander, Lee Hoagland, Sam Huff, Holly Leonard, Alyssa Maryon, Clint McCrystal, Tracy Montgomery, Joseph Pierce, Joshua Qualls, Marianna Richardson, Emily Rigney, Eliane Romeiro Fernandes, Amanda Sherwood, Brittany Stillwell, Derek Vonckx and Philip Wysong.

List of Honors Graduates


Lauren Best, Ashley Collier, Lindsay Davidson, Shanna Draper, Katherine Edmiston, Joanna Frauenhoffer, Matthew Hagen, Carl Hudson, Jeremy Johnson, William Jones, John Kreiter, Devin Lawson, Katherine Layfield, Rianne Marcum, Kyle Martin, Lauren Morris Jason Price, Cory Sherwood, Elizabeth Smith, and Ryan Thomason.


Roland Achenjang, Stephanie Adams, Brittany Alcorn, Mark Alcorn, Amanda Alford, Joseph Allen, William Alsman, Elizabeth Ammons, Kimberly Anderson, Tiffany Anderson, Carol Angel, Sarah Arnold, Mary Baker, Jonathon Barnett, Amanda Barrick, Kathryn Bayless, Mary Bennett, Michelle Bennett, Lauren Best, Cody Betler, Laura Bischoff, Ashley Blackwell, Bridget Boone, Matthew Bottom, Clement Brutto, Allison Bryant, Teasha Buckner, Benjamin Bugg, Shane Burger, Kelli Caldwell, Melissa Camden, Dale Campbell, Eric Carey, Thomas Carter, Joshua Chester, Justin Chester, Jay Claunch, Zachary Clements, Bradley Cloud, Ashley Collier, Samantha Combest, Tiffany Compton, Daniel Conklin, Amanda Cook, Ashley Cooley, Michael Cooley, Vanessa Cornett, Curtis Cox, Zachary Coyle, Stacy Criswell, Andrew Crowe, Holly Crowe, John Crutchfield, Joseph Culbertson, Lindsay Davidson, Alexandria Dawson,

Jennifer Donselman, Deena Doud, Kristin Douglas, Shanna Draper, Katherine Edmiston, Marjory Ellis, Nicole Engle, Jeremy Enlow, Nicholas Farmwald, Jesse Fifer, Ashley Ford, Ruan Franklin, Joanna Frauenhoffer, Brandon Freeman, Jessica Galloway, Jennifer Gander, Max Gideon, Brandon Goode, Katy Gorley, Chasity Grubbs, Matthew Hagen, Kristopher Harmon, Jacob Herndon, Elijah Hibbs, Lee Hoagland, Holly Hogue, McKenzy Holderman, Patrick Horn, Mikey Howard, Carl Hudson, Sam Huff, Lynn Hunt, Jennifer Jacobs, Brandon Johnson, Jeremy Johnson, William Jones, John Kreiter, Isaah Daniel Land, Michael Lane, William Lane, Cori Lanham, Devin Lawson, Katherine Layfield, Cierra Leffew, Holly Leonard, Bethany Litteral, Ian Loughry, Brittney Lyons, Rianne Marcum, Brittany Marsden, Kyle Martin, Alyssa Maron, Sara McCarty, Clint McCrystal,

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