Support tobacco buyout plan

June 01, 2004

Dear Editor:

Imagine a business coming to Kentucky that would bring home more then $2.5 billion of federal dollars, create 7,000 new jobs spread out over our entire 120 counties and make our farmers more competitive in the world marketplace.

There is legislation introduced in Washington that could have the same impact and with your help, we hope to make the dream of reforming federal tobacco policy a reality.

Through the hard work of our Congressional Delegation, tobacco farmers and others who have spent countless hours on the issue, tobacco buyout legislation has been brought to the forefront of national debate.


However, as most of you know, last year we fell just short of accomplishing a fair tobacco buyout for tobacco farm families and rural communities.

We now ask for your help. The numbers show that tobacco buyout legislation positively affects more than just tobacco farm families.

It also helps rural businesses, enhances local governments' tax receipts, and boosts the overall economic health of rural communities. Tobacco farmers have made their voice heard in Washington, we now ask that you speak up as well.

It is important for Congressional leaders to understand that tobacco buyout legislation will benefit all aspects of tobacco-dependent Kentucky communities. If you are a banker, local businessman or women, city official, real estate agent, automobile dealer or just a concerned citizen who car about your community, please fax a short note to Congressional leadership letting them know what a tobacco buyout means to you or your business.

Also please send one of us a copy. We'd love to know you are helping us build support for this much needed legislation.

The fax number for Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert is (202) 225-0697. To reach House Majority Leader Tom DeLay by fax, the number is (202) 225-5241. Thanks for your help. Together we can create jobs and revitalize our rural communities.

Sam Moore, President

Kentucky Farm Bureau

Henry West, President

Burley Tobacco Growers Cooperative Association

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