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June 03, 2004

LIBERTY - Thirty-nine seniors at Casey County High School received more than $190,000 in awards and college scholarships that are renewable over a four-year period.

Some students also received scholarships that did not have a specific monetary value because they are based on tuition each year, or amounts were not available.

Scholarships, listed by name of sponsor and names of persons receiving the awards, were:

Casey County alumni: Sarah Ware, Andrew Allen, Michelle Clark, Bethany Gosser, Jessica Dilsaver and Jessica Payton, $500 each renewable over three years. Samuel D. Murphy Jr. trust: Nikki Denson and Jessica Payton, $1,000 each renewable over four years. Wells Fargo College Steps Program: Jessica James, $1,000. Samuel Shoopman memorial: Jody Weddle, $100. South Kentucky RECC: Sarah Ware, $1,000.

South Kentucky RECC Gary Cavitt memorial: Josh Patterson, $1,000. Inter-County Energy: Rita Dixon, $1,000. Jargo and Lydus Kennedy memorial: Amy Goodlett, $250.


Casey County Junior Miss: Rita Dixon, winner, $1,800; Jessica Payton, first runner-up, $850; Malory Wesley, second runner-up, $300.

Somerset Community College commonwealth: Amy Goodlett, full tuition.

Elliott Family Trust: Rachel Clements, Parker Hatter, Tyler Hatter, Josh Patterson and Sarah Ware. Eastern Kentucky University Presidential: Kelli Warner, Bethany Gosser and Jessica Pierce, 50 percent tuition. Eastern Kentucky golf: Kelli Warner. Vocational agriculture: Sarah Ware, Ashley York, Jessica Atwood and Albert Buck, $500 each.

University of Kentucky presidential scholarship for Governors Scholars: Michelle Clark, full tuition. Liberty Kiwanis: Andrew Allen, $500. Campbellsville University: Meagan Murphy, special recognition, $2,000 renewable over four years; Baptist Leadership Award, $500; and women's basketball, $9,600. Campbellsville University: Jessica Payton, academic, $3,500 renewable over four years, and Junior Miss scholarship, $2,500 renewable over four years.

Spencerian Tech prep and scholastic achievement: Amy Cooper and Michael Huff. Burkhard Berea and Berea College full tuition: John Mark Russell, $25,200.

Eugene H. Smith: Jared Atwood, $1,035 renewable over four years. Barbara Rousey Jeffries: Brian Bagby, $500 renewable over four years. Ethel Plock: Jared Watts, $135. Coy Wolford memorial: Brian Bagby, $250 and plaque. Laundromat: Michelle Clark and Jessica Dilsaver, $500 each.

Western Kentucky University Governor's Scholar: Jared Atwood, full tuition. Creston Homemakers Club: Jessica Pierce and Brian Bagby, $100 each. County Homemakers Club: Andrew Allen, Nikki Denson and Jessica Atwood, $100 each. Asbury College: Jessica James, Harry and Judy Ranier endowed, $870 renewable over four years; and A.L. and Y.D. Westerfield endowed, $1,500 renewable over four years.

Casey County Pork Producers: Nikki Denson, Tyler Sidwell and Stanley McCoy, $500 each. University of Louisville Trustees: Ben Sweeney, $2,000 renewable over four years. Bellarmine University Monsignor Horrigan Scholar: Rita Dixon, $10,000 renewable over four years. Bellarmine University Monsignor Treece award: Elizabeth Turner, $6,000 renewable over four years. Tosha Foley: Jessica Payton, $500.

Casey County Apple Festival: Jessica Atwood, $1,000. Friends of Education, Brian Bagby, $500 renewable over four years. Lillard Myles Rodgers educational: Amy Goodlett, $250. Cumberland College academic: Zachary Gosser, $4,000 renewable over four years.


Senior art: Jessica Pierce; Marine Corps, Andrew Allen; distinguished athlete, Dustin Austin, Semper Fidelis music; and Michelle Clark, scholastic excellence.

Jeanette Russell Wortham mathematics, Michelle Clark; Presidential Award for Excellence in math and science: Andrew Allen, Rita Dixon, Josh Patterson, Michelle Clark and Amy Goodlett.

Army Reserve National scholar/athlete: Andrew Allen and Beth Patterson.

Future Educators of America: Michelle Clark, Stephanie Clements; and Nikki Denson, Amy Goodlett, Iris Peyton, Bethany Gosser, Kelli Warner, Jessica Dilsaver and Melissa Pelley. Roberta Harding Wells physics: Rita Dixon; Anna C. Short music: Dustin Austin, band; and Elizabeth Turner, theatre arts/chorus. Kentucky Consumer Services: Jessica Propes and Jared Watts.|3/16/04|***

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