Net Xpress: Lindows wins big against Microsoft in Amsterdam

June 06, 2004|SHEILA J. CLARK

Well, it seems as if the tide has turned against Microsoft. On May 27, Amsterdam District Court ruled in favor of Lindows on all counts. In addition, the court ordered Microsoft to pay Lindows 944 Euros (that's about $1,160 in U.S. dollars) to cover Lindows' court costs during the litigation period.

To refreshen your memories about this whole mess, Lindows is the leading company in the field of desktop Linux operating systems, which recently changed its product name to Linspire. The litigation came about due to the company's original name - Lindows - which Microsoft claimed confused computer users with its desktop operating system, Windows.

The battle in the Netherlands and other overseas territories came after Lindows won battles with Microsoft right here in the states. But instead of taking its loss and moving on, Microsoft instead took these battles and continued them in countries overseas.

Lindows' victory is sweet - not for the money, of course, but rather for the return of the freedom of choice for computer operating systems. Up until the judgement, Microsoft was having Lindows fined daily for 100,000 Euros if anyone from the Benelux countries attempted to access or purchase Lindows products. Now folks in those regions can freely choose whichever OS they would prefer without fear or intimidation from the likes of Microsoft.


Read more on the latest judgement or view an English copy of the ruling. Note: This link leads to a PDF file that must be downloaded to be viewed.

Net buzzz

* Linspire, a leading desktop Linux operating system, now offers plug and play support for Dell Digital Jukebox (Dell DJ), a portable MP3 player. Using the Lsongs program and a Dell DJ, a Linspire user can experience the ease of music management and playback using simple drag and drop action. Read more.

VoIP update

* Vonage has dropped the price of its telephony starter kit by $70. The kit is available at retail stores such as Circuit City and RadioShack for $30 after the mail-in rebate. The starter kit includes an adapter and two free months of Vonage phone service. Read more.

* SIPphone has added PC to landline service via the use of SIPphone Minutes. SIPphone users purchase minutes for $10, $20 or $50. Read more.

* SIPphone also has begun offering its users five free one-minute calls every day to 10 countries worldwide. For details, go to

MSN Live chats events

June 7: Recording artist Patti Smith chats at 9 p.m.

June 8: Actor Patrick Swayze chats at 9 p.m.

June 9: 1980s group Sonic Youth chats at 6:30 p.m.

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