Children win contests at Casey County Fair

June 07, 2004

LIBERTY - Results in the Casey County Fair baby and youth contests Sunday at the Central Kentucky Ag/Expo Center are listed by first, second and third place, respectively.

Birth to 6 months: Girls, Jasmine Nevada Peavey, 5-month-old daughter of Misty and Allan Peavey, Somerset; and Bralyn Grace Long, 1-month-old daughter of Brandon and Chasity Long, Liberty. Boys, Cody Allen Luttrell, 6-month-old son of Joseph and Tonya Luttrell, Russell Springs; Dalton Wilson, 5-month-old son of Dennis and Deana Wilson, Columbia; and Caleb Andrew Patten, 6-month-old son of Ricky and Twila Patten, Bardstown.

7-12 months: Girls, Maci Faye Vaughn, 7-month-old daughter of Natasha Luttrell and Brad Vaughn, Liberty; Logan Wells Carnes, 9-month-old daughter of Todd and Reva Carnes, Jamestown. Two tied for third place, Baylee Jo Hart, 7-month-old daughter of Randy and Marsha Hart, Russell Springs, and Arabella Grace Long, 7-month-old daughter of Chris and Melissa Long, Liberty.

Boys, Harper Dallen Jeffries, 7-month-old son of Scott and Amanda Jeffries, Hustonville; Austin Lee, 11-month-old son of Rosie and Darren Lee, Liberty; and Jason Scott Womack, 10-month-old son of Joe Todd and Tonya Womack.


13-24 months: Girls, Karli Noelle Hurt, 14-month-old daughter of Willie and Lesley Hurt, Russell Springs; Brooklin Paige Burgess, 15-month-old daughter of April and Robert Burgess, Harrodsburg; and Hanna Grace Napier, 13-month-old daughter of Amanda and Ryan Dunham, Kings Mountain.

Boys, Collin Matthew Wesley, 15-month-old son of Matt and Shavahn Wesley, Liberty; Samuel Roethle, 15-month-old son of Tim and Penny Roethle, Liberty; and Caleb Marcus Seward, 21-month-old son of Mark and Tasha Seward, Somerset.

2-3 years: Girls, MaKencie Faith Woods, 2-year-old daughter of Brendan and Amanda Woods, Liberty; Shaylah Mae Wilkey, 2-year-old daughter of John and Pat Wilkey, Liberty; and Savannah Jo Owens, 3-year-old daughter of Ricky and Lesa Owens, Windsor.

Boys, Keegan Dean Hansford, 2-year-old son of Greg and Janet Hansford, Liberty; James Hunter Lee Emerson, 3-year-old son of Quincy and Tracie Emerson, Liberty; Tyler Goodlet, 3-year-old son of Michele Goodlet, Liberty.

4-5 years: Girls, Brianna Gosser, 4-year-old daughter of Sara Gosser, Liberty; and two tied for second place, Shelby Cook, 5-year-old daughter of Shawn Cook and Chandra Godbey, Bethelridge, and Sidney Allison Bernard, 5-year-old son of Greg and Tammie Bernard, Dunnville.

Boys, Justin Todd Womack, 5-year-old son of Joe Todd and Tanya Womack, Russell Springs; Hunter Todd Tarter, 4-year-old daughter of Todd and Shannon Tarter, Liberty; and two tied for third place, Brandon Roy, 5-year-old son of Amanda and Ryan Roy, Dunnville, and Logan Michael Hatter, 4-year-old son of Jason and Darra Hatter, Liberty.

6-8 years: Girls, Taylor Madison Campbell, 6-year-old daughter of Billy and Lisa Campbell, Russell Springs; Natalie Brooke Polston, 6-year-old daughter of Odell and Donna Polston, Jamestown; and Hannah Cochran, 6-year-old daughter of Stacey and Pam Cochran, Liberty.

Boys, Two tied for first place, Justin Luttrell, 6-year-old son of Karen and Greg Luttrell, Russell Springs, and Joshua Luttrell, 6-year-old son of Karen and Greg Luttrell, Russell Springs; and Jake Aaron Offill, 6-year-old son of Shannon and Amy Offill, Russell Springs.

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