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June 07, 2004

100 years ago - 1904

The Danville Fire Department rapidly is assuming a metropolitan appearance. Two stalls have been added for the horses. A patented harness was installed that can be adjusted in a few seconds. Several of the members have been practicing every night and the horses are being trained to answer the alarm by getting into their places quickly. A few nights ago, the horses were harnessed and the company ready for a run in 18 seconds after the alarm had been turned in.

A 14-year-old boy was bitten by a vicious dog. The next-door neighbor denied owning the dog. Chief of Police Wood killed the dog. The boy had been playfully whipping the sleeping dog when it awoke and sprang upon him. Dr. Krichbaum sewed up a wound in his breast with two stitches.

A red flag has been placed over two houses in this city because of diphtheria. There are two cases in the Quisenberry property, just west of the workhouse. A 3-year-old child, who lived next to the workhouse, died, but the other cases are said to be getting along nicely.


J.H. Baughman and Son have purchased one of the finest dairy wagons ever brought to this section. This was necessitated by the recent wreck of the old one on the corner of Third and Lexington streets. The wreck occurred when the horse ran away with the wagon.

Local members of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union are preparing to observe Jennie Cassiday Flower Mission day with appropriate exercises at the jail and workhouse. Flowers will be taken to these places and the unfortunate inmates will be given a word of kindness. Those who want to contribute flowers should send them to the home of Mrs. E. Flaig.

75 years ago - 1929

Members of the Boyle County District Committee of Boy Scouts were the guests of Joseph Frankel at the Gilcher Hotel Coffee Shoppe. The annual financial campaign was discussed. Boyle County's quota was set at $2,000. Those present were Hughes Jackson, H.G. Roberts, P.H. Best, Burrus Munn, O.A. Kays, J.A. Stith, H.G. Poetter and J.C. Alcock. A Boy Scout rally will be held at Centre College and all Scouts are expected to attend.

The largest graduating class in the 106 years of Centre College history received diplomas in a ceremony at the Second Presbyterian Church. There were 54 members in the class and the largest previous class had contained 48.

Frank V. McChesney resigned as superintendent of Boyle County schools. Professor Walter M. Byington, a teacher on the Fork last year, was named to succeed him. McChesney resigned because of incompatibility with the board. He is a member of the state textbook commission and plans to remain in Danville. He probably will enter into the insurance business.

Crab Orchard Springs, famous summer and health resort in Lincoln County, opened and many guests have visited the popular hotel. Under the new management, many improvements have been made to the hotel, such as papering of the rooms, painting and a general cleaning up of the premises and grounds. Frank A. Robertson, manager, is making every guest feel at home. The beautiful lake attracts many who like to fish and swim. An orchestra of a very high class is employed to furnish music during the meals and dancing at night. Crab Orchard's sporty golf course attracts many who like to play the game.

50 years ago - 1954

Corning's new products contest attracted 760 ideas from employees at 18 plants, including the one in Danville. The ideas came during the first four days of the competition. Danville was third in the number of ideas submitted with 79. Workers are competing for a trip to California and the Pacific Northwest or $1,000 in cash. The contest will continue for five months.

More than 250 employees of Kentucky State Hospital were guests at a picnic at "The Point" on the hospital grounds. Mrs. Willie Mae Nicholson, chief supervisor, received a plaque for being the most loyal. She has been at the hospital for four years. It is not unusual for her to be on the job 15 to 20 hours a day. She is in charge of the attendants who work with the hospital's 1,400 patients.

Construction of a new swimming pool and playground area at the Danville Country Club was started with Danville contractors Harris and Wood. The pool will be 30 by 75 feet. Two acres of ground were purchased for the project from George and Herbert Gwinn. The projects should be completed in August.

The city of Junction City has acquired land for use as a public dump. All dumping of garbage must be made on the new location on the land of Frank and Edna Anderson on the country road and the L&N Railroad. Dumping must be done over an embankment onto the Anderson land to fill a hole there. With the purchase of the site, anyone caught dumping elsewhere will be fined no less than $10 or more than $100 for the first offense and $100 for subsequent offenses.

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