Vaught's Views: Moberly says 'I am still the coach at Boyle'

June 07, 2004|LARRY VAUGHT

Because so many people are interested in sports of all kinds, rumors are always going to persist.

Rumors are not limited to the professional level. If anything, there might be more collegiate rumors - just think about Kentucky basketball recruiting or Louisville coach Rick Pitino's health - than professional rumors.

Then there are those high school rumors that once they get started, just seem to grown and grow.

Just ask Andy Moberly. The Boyle County boys basketball coach has been approached about a job at Shelby Valley, a Class AA school in Pike County. However, rumors already have Moberly accepting the job and saying farewell to his alma mater.

"I am still the head coach at Boyle County," said Moberly Sunday night.

He did acknowledge not only that Shelby Valley had approached him about being associate boys basketball coach, but that his wife, Holly, had also been contacted about a possible administrative job in the same system. She's now an elementary teacher in Harrodsburg.


"Nothing has been signed. There are no resignations," Moberly said. "We are weighing our options. It's more than a basketball decision. If she was just being offered a chance to go as a teacher, there would be no decision. But she has a unique opportunity, so I guess the rumors are partially true."

Still, Moberly planned to open his youth basketball camp today and has been conducting summer practices for his returning team. He has a 47-37 record in three years at Boyle. The Rebels were 5-21 and 10-18 the two years before Moberly became head coach. Before that the Rebels had won 20 or more games four straight years.

Jason Booher, who coached with Moberly at Henry County, is the new coach at Shelby Valley who wants Moberly to make the move to eastern Kentucky.

"We are perfectly happy where we are, but she (Holly) has a chance to move up and I have a chance to coach with a guy I know, respect and admire," Moberly said. "It would be a package deal. We would not go any place unless we had all our ducks in a row."

Moberly said he would not expect his wife to move unless she was "totally comfortable" with the switch. He said the same would be true for his perspective on any move.

What about the rumors?

But what about the rumors? There are ones saying he's being forced out at Boyle. There are ones saying his successor has already been picked. There are ones saying he's just not won enough to succeed as a coach at the same school where he was a standout player.

"First, I am not under any pressure to leave. If there is any pressure, I am not aware of it," Moberly said. "We are just weighing our options like anyone would."

And should. Opportunities for change, or advancement, don't come every day. Plus, weighing other options also makes it easier to see the pros and cons of a current situation.

"Rumors are out that we have already taken jobs and are leaving here," Moberly said. "That's what is disappointing. People have made up stories like we have signed contracts and resigned our current jobs.

"I wish those spreading rumors would just come to me directly. And there's no truth about me going to Western Hills as head coach, either. I've heard that one a lot, and they already have somebody hired."

So will he be at Boyle next year?

That's a question Moberly insists he really can't answer yet. If he is, he'll be happy. If he decides the move is best for him and his wife, he'll be happy at Shelby Valley.

However, what he'll be happiest about is finally putting an end to the rumors that have him already making a decision he insists he's not made yet.

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