Heck, Shrek is popular in grocery stores, too

June 09, 2004|EMILY TOADVINE

Shrek not only is back in theaters, but has invaded grocery stores.

His lime green face is pasted on several breakfast foods, such as Pillsbury's Toaster Strudels in flavors that include Ogre Cherry with Ogre Icing and Chocolate Sludge with Chocolate Icing. For those whose preference leans more toward waffle sticks, there are ones to dip in Green Swamp Syrup.

Shrek shares packages of fruit snacks with his fairy tale friends Donkey, Princess Fiona, The Dragon and the Shrek "S" logo with ogre horns. He morphs into marshmallow form to share a cereal package with colorful, puffy forms of Donkey, Princess Fiona, Puss In Boots, Gingerbread Man and a magical potion bottle.

Children who need to review the first "Shrek" movie before seeing his latest, might want to fix a bowl of green "Shrek 2" Pop Secret popcorn.


Hogsett Elementary students taste test

Just to see how these taste sensations fared with children, a few at Hogsett Elementary School were given samples of the cereal, fruit snacks and popcorn.

Kindergartners in Dorothy Contini's class had planned to watch the first "Shrek" movie anyway, so they were more than ready to try the popcorn. Kiersten Leathers declared that it "tastes like Shrek."

Classmate Dakota Mullins knew the secret ingredient.

"I think there is Shrek's ear wax in the popcorn," he said, referring to Shrek's tendency to use his ear wax to make candles.

Regardless of whether there was any odd ingredient, the kindergartners managed to overlook it and pop every last kernel into their mouths.

Their teacher, a huge Shrek fan, said she looked forward to checking out "Shrek 2" but hadn't done so. Her oldest daughter had been.

"We had to keep saying 'Don't tell us.'"

Much better than mud and bugs

Since she confessed to being a Shrek lover, she also tried the cereal. It wasn't exactly her favorite, but it was edible, she said. The creators touted that is was much better than the mud and bugs in Shrek's swamp.

"I don't normally eat cereal with marshmallows. I'm not a marshmallow fan. It looks like Kix to me," she said, noting that her 7-year-old would probably like it because of the marshmallows.

The students who sampled the cereal and fruit snacks were big fans.

Sarah Hall, a second-grader, said it meshed with her favorite cereal because both feature marshmallow treats.

"It's pretty good. It's like Lucky Charms," she said.

As someone who likes about any kind of cereal, fourth-grader Monty Bryant was pleased with the taste.

Although many said the taste was similar to Lucky Charms, Chad Wheeler noted an extra perk of the Shrek cereal.

"Hey, the milk is green"

"Hey, the milk is green," he said.

When it came to Betty Crocker fruit snacks, the gave high marks to the Shrek candies. Chad normally eats Tom and Jerry brand or Gushers, but said he preferred the Shrek.

"They're better than them all."

If the popularity of the movie is any indication of the chances for children asking for Shrek food, Sludge Icing will be a staple in the refrigerator section. Of course, there's another gimmick that is sure to keep the boxes flying off the shelves. Most boxes have a special offer of a free, glow-in-the-dark watch featuring Shrek characters. The strudels and waffles feature a mail-in offer of glow-in-the-dark Shrek Headz toys.

With all these enticements, it looks like the ogre is here to stay.

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