Iraq not worth a single drop of American blood

June 11, 2004

Dear Editor:

A while back, I read with much interest, a letter to your paper from a Vietnam veteran who served two combat tours in that war. This vet urged us all to support our troops, the war in Iraq, and George W. Bush.

I myself am a veteran of the Vietnam era. With all due respect to that veteran, while I fully support our gallant troops, I do not and cannot lend support to the war, nor George W. Bush. I did not support Lyndon Johnson or the Vietnam War. We should never have gotten involved in Vietnam, and we should not have gotten involved in Iraq.

After a decade, with the tragic loss of 58,000 brave troops, and untold billions of dollars, what did we accomplish in Vietnam? We lost the war. As with Vietnam, Iraq was no direct threat to us, in any sense whatsoever.


Mr. Bush has divorced himself from reality. Mr. Bush invaded Iraq and is fixated upon his war there, and war in general. Mr. Bush had no reason to invade Iraq, just because he did not "approve" of Saddam.

Like it or not, Iraq was a sovereign nation, just as we are. And how Saddam ran his nation, was no business of ours. You do not unleash the horrors and the insanity of war upon sovereign nations, just because you do not approve of its leader and the way that leader leads.

Saddam and all of Iraq is not worth one single drop of American blood. The Iraq war had nothing to do with terrorism. It is pure folly on behalf of Mr. Bush.

We are now well into the second year of this war, with the loss of more than 800 troops and spending $4.7 billion a month on the Bush war - a war based on lies and "faulty" intelligence. A war that will know no end. A war that very well could lead to WWIII.

I say let those people in that part of the world fight their own wars, spend their own money and shed their own blood. Why should our sons and daughters shed their blood for them? Why should our taxpayers pay for a war that should never have been and was not necessary?

We need to stop meddling in the internal affairs of other nations who pose no direct threat to us. A recent poll of the Iraqi people shows that a full 80 percent of the Iraqi population do not even want us there. One should not go where one is not wanted.

The very thought of the possibility of another four years of the war mentality of George W. Bush profoundly disturbs me. He has most of the world inflamed and against us.

And this should give all of us serious food for thought for the coming election In November.

Roger D. Bowman


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