Junction City council members explain budget

June 11, 2004

Dear Editor:

I strongly feel that the people of Junction City are entitled to some straight answers.

Council Member Donnie Goode was elected in November, seven months ago, and has attended less the 50 percent of our council meetings. This is not an interested council member.

A committee cannot have but three members. This is Kentucky law. Four members make a quorum.

Three council members were appointed to the budget committee - Connie Vernon, Roberta Zeller and Dwayne Taylor. Mr. Taylor could not attend due to his job.

This is strictly a suggested budget. All council members have to vote on this, requiring a quorum of four to pass it.


Also, I have minutes to prove that Mr. Goode was never promised that a business license and payroll tax would solve all of the city's problems without making necessary cuts.

In answer to the fire department needs, Chief Gipson has never been refused any requests for funding for equipment that has been brought before the council.

Mrs. Vernon has 14 years of experience, and I (Roberta Zeller) have 12 years. I think this should prove that we are qualified to serve on any committee.

We always are available to help in any way possible to serve the needs of our city and citizens.

Thanks to the citizens for their support, confidence and votes.

Roberta L. Zeller

Connie Vernon

Junction City council members

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