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June 13, 2004|SHEILA J. CLARK

How cool would it be to have free phone service? Well, we are about to find out, as StanaPhone launched its service last week. StanaPhone coins itself at "the world's first free telephone service."

StanaPhone will provide a free and easy-to-use Internet phone service that uses a real phone number. The service will allow its users to make and receive calls from regular landline, cellular and other phones. Its software is a free download and it is compatible with all PC headsets, microphone and speaker-combo setups, and USB Internet phones.

The service doesn't require any contracts to sign and you don't have to be a computer wiz to set it up. Just sign up for a number, download and install the software, plug in your headset, run the software and make the call.

Among the features of StanaPhone are a free phone number, free 100 minutes per month of outgoing calls to regular phones in the U.S. and select international countries, online account management, and free unlimited incoming calls from any phone. Calls from a StanaPhone to another StanaPhone, regardless of the locations, also are free and unlimited.


StanaPhone also provides anyone, anywhere, with a free, unlimited amount of U.S. numbers. With that said, I must inform you that when I first discovered StanaPhone, its site offered four or five different area codes in the New York area. However, when I last visited it, there was only one area code available. The numbers are going really fast, so sign up quickly.

I notice that it has a small glitch in its system during the signup process. The glitch occurs during verification of your e-mail address. I'm not sure why, but depending on your e-mail address, you may not receive the e-mail verification notice after you try to sign up. The first time I tried signing up, I used my regular ISP e-mail address and never received the notice. But when I used a Web-based e-mail address, I got my notification with no problem. You might keep that in mind.

Learn more about StanaPhone at

Net buzzz

* Juno and NetZero, free and low-cost Internet access providers, are having a Platinum Free Sunday promotion. They are offering members of their free access services the opportunity to experience their unlimited, ad-free Platinum services, free of charge, today. Use of the service during promotion, however, will count toward members' monthly service limitations.

Also, for a limited time, Juno and NetZero both are offering a chance to sign up for their Platinum services for only $6.95 per month. This offer requires a one-year commitment. After the one year, regular rates apply. If service is cancelled before a complete year's membership, a $25 cancellation fee will be charged.

Features of the Juno and NetZero Platinum services include unlimited Internet access, 10 MB of e-mail storage, instant messaging, no banner ads and off-line e-mail access. Platinum services are available for Windows, Mac OS and Linspire OS platforms. Learn more at or

* Starting June 1, members of Juno and NetZero free access services no longer are able to use independent e-mail clients such as Outlook Express to check their e-mail. They now are required to check their e-mail via the respective e-mail on the Web services. This service is just like all other Web-based e-mail services because it allows e-mail to be checked from any computer worldwide with Internet access.

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