Danville inundated with drainage problem complaints

June 15, 2004|LIZ MAPLES

With the recent rains, resident complaints have poured into city hall.

Danville City Commissioners reviewed a list of drainage projects Monday, but there isn't money in the budget for all of the work. They did approve creek bed improvements on Carrigan Drive that will cost $2,500.

Commissioner Terry Crowley voted against the project, saying it was on private property.

Resident Jack Carey has been at two recent meetings to talk about the problem that he says started 30 years ago. He believes that the root of the flooding is caused by Danville Manor Shopping Center.

$11 million worth of stormwater projects needed

Commissioners will have a workshop in July to discuss the $11 million worth of stormwater projects that are needed in the city. They also will discuss ways to raise money for the work.


"It will take 50 years if we do it out of the operational budget," Crowley said.

New state and federal regulations will require the city to control the quality of stormwater in the city. Stormwater picks up pollutants, such as excess dirt, fertilizer and oil, when it runs over paved surfaces. Later the regulations will require that the city control the amount of runoff in the city.

City Manager Darrell Blenniss said the new regulations are unfunded mandates.

City Engineer Earl Coffey said there is some money in the maintenance budget to do small projects, but he cautioned commissioners about spending that money too soon in the year.

In the course of preparing for the new regulations, committees of residents, Coffey and a consultant prepared a stormwater program that has a list of projects needed to fix flooding.

Short list of projects

Here is a short list that Coffey prepared for commissioners Monday about projects that the commissioners have asked about recently:

* Vail Drive drainage improvements, deepen and widen the creek bed, $26,275.

* East Main Street, ditch construction and culvert installations, $69,790.

* Harding Street, install storm sewer lines and inlets, $113,575.

* Kentucky Avenue and East Main Street, $58,115.

* Holliday Drive, ditch construction, $8,000.

* Carrigan Drive, creek bed improvements, $2,500.

* West Jefferson, roadway ditch rebuilding, $7,470.

The prices don't include easement acquisition or engineering costs.

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