'Straight answers' a first for Junction City

June 15, 2004

Dear Editor:

I couldn't help but read the Advocate Friday when council members Vernon and Zeller said it was time for people to have straight answers. This would be a first for a city that finds itself in a financial hardship.

I, Donnie Goode, took office and have missed two regular meetings since taking office. Those absences were for personal reasons. But when you are a council member like myself, who has not made this seat a career as Vernon and Zeller have, you are going to tackle the issues head-on.

I have said from day one the people of Junction City have been severely misled. Zeller and Vernon have said they will not seek reelection. To them, that is a council member without self-interest. If you don't want to run again, then you have no self-interest. Since it is a career for them, this is how it is.


There is a another issue on the table. I have said from day one it is not the responsibility of the city to feed Class D prisoners but we continue to do so. We have a seasonal employee who is paid for contract labor. Do we pay him for mowing the city streets and park and cemetery out of the general fund? No, the city paid all of his wages out of the cemetery fund. That is wrong.

Junction City is in for a long ride. The people of Junction City are the only people who can fix this problem. Since Vernon and Zeller say they aren't going to run again, I would love to see some new people run because I will be seeking reelection so we can get this mess cleaned up and get this town out of financial debt.

It took 14 years to get this way. You have my word it won't take 14 years to get out of debt.

Donnie Goode

Junction City council member

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