War in Iraq was approved by Congress

June 15, 2004

Dear Editor:

I read with much interest Friday a letter from a Vietnam veteran who urged us to not support George W. Bush or the war in Iraq.

I must disagree, first with Mr. Bowman's position, and secondly, with his reasons.

I like the idea of the war in Iraq being "his war" (meaning Bush). That has kind of a medieval feel to it, one leader at the control of his nation's forces. Unfortunately, this is not the truth. Congress voted on a resolution to remove Saddam Hussein with force, and many Democrats (including John Kerry) voted for military action. This does not mean that the responsibility falls entirely on Bush's shoulders. Unfortunately for Mr. Bowman, we live in a democracy, where military action is approved by, and is the responsibility of, the president and Congress.

Also, "like it or not, (in 1917, Germany) was a sovereign nation, just as we are. How (the Kaiser) ran his country was no business of ours. You do not unleash the horrors and insanity of war upon sovereign nations, just because you do not approve of its leader and the way that leader leads."


At this point, I must apologize to Mr. Bowman, I liked that paragraph in his letter so much I just had to take it, but of course use it to support my argument. Lest we forget that Germany invaded much of Europe, and Saddam invaded Iran and Kuwait (he invaded Kuwait for oil no less!).

I would be interested in hearing your thesis on how the war in Iraq could "very well lead to World War III." World War III is largely accepted (by scholars) as the inevitable confrontation between two great superpowers. I do not think that this war is going to become World War III. I doubt that the nations of the Middle East have the collective power to threaten us (short of terrorism, of course).

Also, I am curious to know who conducted the poll that showed 80 percent of Iraqis do not want us there. Mr. Bowman, as you cited no source, this information is not credible, and I am forced to dismiss it.

I have a question: When did the taxpayers get a choice as to what their tax dollars paid for? Oh, wait, I remember, our choice came when we voted our officials into office, and when we write letters urging them to vote either for or against a certain piece of legislation that would spend our money. Well, I guess that's just how a democracy functions.

Chris Sullivan


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