Casey school employees get pay hike

June 16, 2004|BRENDA S. EDWARDS

LIBERTY - All employees in the Casey County school system got a 1.5 percent pay hike Monday. Salary increases were recommended by state government but will have to be paid by county funds.

The annual certified salaries range from $22,850 starting salary to $45,711 for personnel with Rank 1 status. This is based on a 185-day school year.

Certified staff working extra hours will be paid $20 per hour and principals receive $75 per teacher supervised.

Classified salaries range from $6.58 per hour for non-skilled labor to $57.93 for handicap bus drivers.

Substitute teachers make from $61 to $77 per hour depending on rank and college hours.

Superintendent Linda Hatter said most of the personnel were rehired. However, eight classified personnel - Matt Allen, Janette Beard, Cheryl Wilson, Donnie Peyton, Debra Lynn, Pam Cochran, Marlene Wethington and Tammy Sidwell - have been notified that their contracts were not renewed.

"We hope to employ part of them (certified) back, especially the special education teachers," said Hatter. She wants to rehire at least four. She also said some of the personnel were shifted around. Most of the classified personnel will be rehired.


"This could have been worse," Hatter said. She added that some certified personnel may retire in August.

Classified personnel who will change positions are Brenda Buck, Tammy Dallman and Margie Sandusky. Receiving salary reductions are Sheila Wilson, Shelva Spears and Bryan Clements.

Hatter announced the following certified people were not rehired: Larry West, Ken Cundiff, David Hundley, Marty Carmicle, Jamie Hamblin, Cindy Stanford, Freida Myers, Karen Spears, Amanda King, Shannon Neat and Kristy Lee.

Certified personnel to have positions changed are Shannon Williams, Francie Godbey, Cindy Jaynes and Stephanie Floyd. Those receiving a reduction in salary are Mandy Wahl, Craig Griffin, Rita Sweeney and Shawn Conley.

Hatter also accepted five resignations: Dale Wilson, director of pupil personnel; Sharon Pierce, director of special education; Sharon Price, teacher; Yvonne Campbell, high school cheerleading coach; and Shirley Lane, cook.

With the two vacancies in central office, Hatter said the positions could be filled on a part-time basis with a savings of $60,000 annually. She suggested to try it for a year and see how it works.

Board member Mike Davis said if the teachers are cut, cuts should be made in the central office, too.

Hatter said the additional funds found by Gov. Fletcher are suggested to help with preschool costs. She wants to have all-day kindergarten in the county, if the money comes through.

She also is trying to cut down expenses by not renting storage space.

In other personnel matters, the board granted a leave of absence July 26 through November to Freeman Luttrell, bus driver and custodian. He will attending police officer training. Beverly Peyton also was given an extra 10 days to work with children's program.

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