Casey Floral Hall prize winners picked

June 16, 2004

LIBERTY - The Best of Show awards in Casey County Fair's Floral Hall went to Meridith Hopper, quilts; Beulah Pettyjohn, textiles for crewel pillow; Betty McCormick, arts and crafts with painted gourd; Robbie Rodgers, horticulture with jar of honey; Tracey Rodenbach, culinary with cookie basket; and Amberly Luttrell, youth with color photo.

Special awards went to Doris Payton, Director's Choice; and Shelby Stringer, President's Choice.

Section champions are: Meredith Hopper, quilts and basketmaking; Beulah Pettyjohn, other needlecraft; Tracey Rodenbach, cakes, and small cakes/ cookies, and Tricia Grant, marmalades and jams; Faith Christian, canned fruits and vegetables; Betty McCormick, folk art; Ruth Betts, stained glass; Troy Brockman, black and white photography; Angie Vaught, color photography; Stephen Minton, woodworking; Nancy Luttrell, scrapbooking; and Kim Wilson, Casey County miscellaneous.

Division champions are: Horticulture, Bill Douglas, container of grown plants; and Audrey Terry, cut specimen; senior, Ada Atwood, textiles; and youth, Amberly Luttrell, photography.


Winners in each class, listed by division, name and article, and first, second, and third place respectively, are:

Textile: Jo Wilkinson, other handmade; Beulah Pettyjohn, crewel embroidery and plain cross stitch; Jurain Ratshke, table liners and table runner; Patricia Grant, small items and bedspread/tablecloth; Vicki Vaughn, afghan-ripple; Jewell Allen, miscellaneous and framed cross stitch.

Youth classes: Bailey Pepperwell and Shelby Stringer, black and white drawing; Shelby Stringer and Bailey Pepperwell, color drawings; Shelby Stringer, clay and painting; Amberly Luttrell, Holly Luttrell and Charly Ritter, photography; Clint Lynch, Shelby Stringer and Faith Christian, other; Hope Wilkey, basket; Clint Lynch, legos; Amberly Luttrell and Hope Wilkey, other craft; and Savannah Hamm, baked goods.

Senior classes: Irene Gosser, crafts, third; Mary Lee Moxley and Howard Kinman, canned goods; Ada Atwood and Mary Lee Moxley, other; and Cural Russel, jam and jellies.

Arts and crafts: Betty McCormick, large folk art and large articles miscellaneous; Kim Wilson and Pat Depp, decorative items; Beverly Hoskins and Terry Wilkey, collection; Terry Wilkey, miscellaneous; Patricia Grant and Rose Roy, small folk art; Terry Wilkey, Tracey Rodenbach and Irene Gosser, folk art using natural materials; Glenna Bryant, large eggshell; Emogene Balin and Bernadine Beal, each hand painted and hand decorated items; Irene Gosser, woodburn-any, first in basket-any material and abstract paint, and second for holiday floral arrangement; Pat Depp, arrangement and arrangement using vase; Toni Mink, stained glass; Ruth Betts, stained glass picture;

Christine Wiser, any ribbed basket; Meredith Happer, Christine Wiser and Donna Robertson, non-ribbed basket; Stephen Minton, turned wood; Caralyn Lynch, small furniture; Nancy Luttrell, baby scrapbook and other scrapbook; Shelia Minton, memories scrapbook and family scrapbook; Kim Wilson, any other acrylic and any other painting/drawing and representational acrylic; Kimberly Gortney, representational oil and representational any medium; and Nancy Bartle and Mary Cramer, portrait-oil.

Horticulture: Robby Rodgers, honey; Bernadine Beal, unusual gourds, gourds and Petunia; Audrey Terry and Bernadine Beal, African violets and container plants; Beverly Hoskins, fern, hanging house plant; Tricia Grant and Beverly Hoskins, cacti; Bill Douglas and Bernadine Beal, orchid; Joe Wilkinson, rose; Audrey Terry, Jo Wilkinson and Bernadine Beal, lily, and collection of cut flowers; and Jo Wilkinson, Bernadine Beal and Faith Christian, wildflower collection.

Quilts: Meredith Hopper, Jesse Franklin and Judie Hogue, hand pieced and quilted; Doris Peyton and Irene Gosser, machined pieced and hand quilted; Jo Wilkinson and Irene Gosser, machine pieced and quilted; Delores Pinkerton, embroidered; Doris Peyton and Nora McFarland, cross stitched; Doris Peyton, appliqued and mixed applique; Emma Rodgers, group quilt; Ada Atwood, Jesse Franklin and Jurian Ratshke, wall hanging; Jurain Ratshke, wall hanging/machine quilted; Jurain Ratshke and Nancy Bartle, holiday wall hanging; Terry Wilkey and Beulah Williams, miscellaneous quilts and pillows; Terry Wilkey and Irene Gosser, novelty; Nell McKinney, table runner; Terry Wilkey, second for antique quilt.

Photography: Troy Brockman, black and white portrait, candid, two classes of trick photography, scenic, animals, children and any other; Angie Vaught, Nancy Bartle and Nancy Luttrell, color portraits; Annette Brockman, scenic; Joy Tarter and Troy Brockman, animals; Audrey Terry, Troy Brockman and Terry Wilkey, floral; and Nancy Bartle, any other.

Culinary: Tricia Grant, Jo Wilkinson and Faith Christian, tomato juice; Charly Ritter, muffins; Tracey Rodenbach, small cakes and cookies, and carrot cake; Gerri Phillippe , grape jelly, any other preserve, apple preserves and mixed sweet pickles; Norman Gosser, cherry jelly, any other jelly; Bernadine Beal, plum jelly, blackberries and any other pickle; Gina Goode, Bernadine Beal and Tricia Grant, blackberry jam; Tricia Grant, peach preserves, corn relish, tomatoes and any other canned fruit; Audrey Terry, strawberry preserves; Faith Christian, preserves and butters, bread and butter pickles and any other canned fruit; Bernadine Beal, second, and Nell McKinney, third in lime pickles; Jo Wilkinson and Tricia Grant, pickled peppers; Gina Goode, Jenny Rousey and Gerri Phillippe , salsa; Jo Wilkinson sour relish; Bernadine Beal and Mary Lee Moxley, any other pickle; Mary Lee Moxley, Faith Christian and Jo Wilkinson, beans.

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