Boyle starts search for new basketball coach

June 16, 2004|LARRY VAUGHT

Even though school starts back in less than two months, Boyle County athletics director Jim Spears is confident he has enough time to find the right coach for the boys basketball team.

Spears started a coaching search late Tuesday afternoon after coach Andy Moberly submitted his resignation. Moberly had said last week that rumors about his leaving Boyle to coach at Shelby Valley were not accurate, but after returning from camp at Transylvania University with the Rebels the coach turned in his coaching resignation.

"As of now, I am no longer the coach at Boyle County," Moberly said. "My decision is based on my family and some things that have happened in the past couple of weeks. I've always preached that if your heart is not in playing, then you should not play. Some things have happened recently that have stolen my heart. I told the kids it was no longer in their best interest to have me back as their coach next season."


Moberly resigned only as basketball coach and says now his plans are to be teaching at Boyle next year.

"It was not fair to my players that some things got out in public. It was not fair to them, or my family, to have a cloud hanging over my decision," Moberly said.

Spears said Moberly will be missed.

"The name Andy Moberly is an icon in Boyle County basketball because of what he did as a player and coach," said Spears. "He is a wonderful gentleman. We wish him nothing but the best in whatever he chooses to do."

Spears posted the job opening late Tuesday, but says while applications are being accepted for the required 30 days, he already has some coaches he might contact himself.

"Part of my job as an athletics director is to have names of coaches in mind in case changes occur," Spears said. "There will be certain coaches I might make contact with. I may even call some tonight."

Spears and his wife have already planned to be out of the country next week. Rather than rush the search process, Spears plans to remain patient.

"I am going to make sure we do a thorough search," Spears said. "I want to give every candidate a fair chance to contact us. I am not going to harm Boyle County basketball by rushing a decision. The longer we have, the better chance we have for finding the perfect person for our job.

"There is a lot of legwork I can do before I leave. I just hope our fans understand we just can't go hire whoever we want. We have limited job openings. We've got to match a good coach with the teaching positions available."

Spears has certain guidelines in his coaching search

Spears says he has certain guidelines he'll follow in his coaching search just as he did a year ago when he brought Judie Mason from Somerset to be the new girls basketball coach.

"I would like to have a coach with head coaching experience, or a coach from a strong program," Spears said. "I would like someone who has been where they have a strong football and basketball program. I wanted someone who has proven he can be successful. Those are things you look for.

"It's more a sense of feel than anything specific. I like a high energy coach, someone who has a great passion for the game but also lets the kids know where they stand and exactly what their role is on the team. I want a coach who will be honest with the players."

Spears said there are no plans to hire an interim coach for one year in case the search process does not produce a quick successor to Moberly, who had a 47-37 record in three years at Boyle.

"It would be a desperation move (to hire an interim coach)," Spears said. "It would be a last-case scenario. I wouldn't say it couldn't happen, but I still think we have plenty of time to do a legitimate search and find the right person."

Moberly won't rule out a return to coaching, perhaps even next season.

"I love coaching. I love the game of basketball. That's why I changed my major from law to teaching so I could coach," Moberly said. "It may happen next year or in two years. But I still want to be a coach. Unfortunately, it no longer will be at Boyle."

Moberly says he has no regrets about the last three years that produced two 45th District Tournament titles.

"I have enjoyed every minute of my three years as head coach. Every decision I made, I would make in a heartbeat again," Moberly said. "When I took over the program, we had been struggling. I think I helped turn the program back toward the winning we all want. I leave knowing I did my best and that Boyle County basketball is going back in the right direction."

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