Casey beef show results

June 17, 2004

LIBERTY - Grand champions in the Casey County Fair beef show last week were:

Angus: Brendan Sadler, heifer; and Rockin Cedar Farm, bull.

Charlolais: Kyle Trowbridge, and Thad Hulett, heifer.

Hereford: Caleb Epling, heifer and bull.

Other breeds, Justin Johnson, grand champion and supreme heifer; and Jesse Mattingly, grand champion and supreme bulls.

Saler heifers, Bill Wilson, heifer and bull.

Other winners, listed by breed, first through third place winners, respectively, are: Angus: Heifers, Rockin Cedar Farm and MacKenzie Grove, junior heifer; Jesse Mattingly, Brendan Sadler and Rockin Cedar Farm, senior calf; Mattingly and Grove, summer yearling; Wesley Logsdon and Rockin Cedar, late junior yearling; Grove, early junior yearling; and Sadler, Mattingly and Logsdon, senior yearling.

Bulls, Grove and Rockin Cedar Farm, junior calf; Grove, summer yearling; Rockin Cedar Farm, junior yearling.

Charolais: Heifers, Thad Hulett, junior calf; Matthew Trowbridge, Kyle Trowbridge and Hulett, senior calf; Hulett and Matthew Trowbridge, late junior yearling; Jessica Lay and Kyle Trowbridge, early junior yearling; and Kyle Trowbridge, senior yearling.


Bulls, Hulett, junior calf; Kyle Trowbridge, senior yearling.

Hereford: Heifers, Caleb Epling, Adam Gordon and Alex Popplewell, junior calf; Gordon, Epling and Gordon, senior yearling; Gordon, Epling and Popplewell, summer yearling; Epling, first, and Popplewell won second and third place, late junior yearling; Gordon, Brenan Coffey and Popplewell, early junior yearling; and Gordon, senior yearling.

Bulls, Foster Campbell and Epling, senior calf; Epling and Gordon, senior yearling.

Other breeds: Heifers, Leslie Reynolds and Jessica Johnson, junior calf; Caleb Sadler and Reynolds, senior calf; Jessica Lay and Tyler Mattingly, summer yearling; Mattingly, first, and Reynolds, third, late junior yearling; Johnson, early junior yearling; Justin Johnson, Sadler and Reynolds, senior yearling.

Bulls, Jesse Mattingly, summer yearling.

Saler: Heifers, Bill Wilson, first and second, junior calf; Wilson, first and second, senior calf; and Wilson, early junior yearling.

Bulls, junior calf, Wilson, first through third.

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