Around the Town: Retirement life makes Hamblin focus of attention

June 20, 2004|ANNABEL GIRARD

When Charles Hamblin, 78, of Danville retired from American Greetings he learned how to carve birds from wood.

In 2002, his new talent was featured on an Advocate Sunday page.

Now his work is getting wider coverage. Hamblin is one of the people interviewed by author Pat Kellerman for "Re-inventing Life after 60."

Kellerman focused on what 40 people from across the country are doing after retiring.

Hamblin said the author learned about him through the story done by Advocate Feature Editor Emily Toadvine.

Hamblin has donated a copy of the book to the Boyle County Public Library.

* * * * *

Two Roads Cafe participated in the Taste of Bluegrass June 4 in Lexington and came away a winner.

The cheese tort appetizer and signature tomato-celery soup received the People's Choice Award.

Also featured in the display was a chocolate wedding cake prepared by Amy Mathews of Junction City. Mathews bakes cakes for events catered by Two Roads. While the cake didn't win an award, the word is that many of those attending came back for seconds.


The restaurant is owned by Jerry Houck and Kathy Crown-Weber.

* * * * *

Is there a doctor in the house? The answer is likely to be "yes" when brass bands gather in Danville. Dr. James Ramey, drummer in The Advocate Brass Band, put down his drumsticks to help a member of the Franconian Harmonics during the festival.

One of the members became ill, and Ramey not only checked her out but made the trip to pick up the needed medicine.

* * * * *

Pet Peeve: The exit from the Danville post office that is nearest the building continues to frustrate drivers, including one of our readers.

There is plenty of room for two cars, one turning left, one turning right. However, drivers tend to take the middle road, cutting traffic to one lane.

The reader said it's time drivers shared the road as they exit.

The directional arrows painted on the asphalt tend to confuse the issue. Based on the arrows, you can only go straight or turn right.

One way to end the confusion would be to paint left turn and right turn arrows to mark two lanes.

* * * * *

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