Uninvited guests: Truck crashes through wall of store

June 20, 2004|LIZ MAPLES

If a truck had to burst the cinder block wall of T & L Variety Shop, the accident couldn't have been more handy.

David Steele was headed to the shop to drop off some boxes for Saturday's auction. He was on Stanford Road, about to turn left into the shopping center, when Tom Taylor slammed into the back of his red truck.

Taylor and his daughter went through the front door of the shop in the truck, taking down the cinder-block wall.

T & L owner Larry Kidwell and the two shop employees had stepped out of the building two minutes before the accident to check on a yard sale in the parking lot. When the truck went through the shop it was empty.

"They went almost square through the door," Kidwell said.

There were no serious injuries.

And the accident didn't stop the auction.

"We could auction the truck and some concrete blocks, slightly used," Kidwell joked. "My outside garbage can is now my inside garbage can."


Taylor, an M & M Electric employee, was driving a company truck.

M & M owner Mike Montgomery was on the scene quickly, helping to tear down the rest of the wall and ordering materials to repair the building. He is also a contractor. Those at the scene were calling him the "destructor-and-the-erector."

Montgomery said the building would be secured by sundown, and better than new by Wednesday. He offered to loan him some space to hold the auction.

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